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Mindy Paul

Mindy Paul is the CEO of Mind, Money, and Business. Claims that he helps business owners leverage their mindset to create multiple six figure months. In an Insta post, he mentions how he loves his clients. “Just the nicest people you’d ever meet with the best attitudes,” he exclaims. As a praise to his clients and himself, Mindy also mentions that all it takes is a call, a video from him for them to achieve breakthroughs. Oh word? Read on for my Mindy Paul review.

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I can’t wrap around my head on a concept that an individual would resonate so much on someone’s words, they’d be getting a breakthrough right away. As in getting a sudden yet very important development in their life. While possible, it’s still improbable.

Maybe, the more apt term is change. Mindy should’ve stuck to using that instead of trying to impress with big words. It’s in his tagline, anyways. “When you change, things change.”

And I mean, he said it himself that he didn’t achieve success overnight. He didn’t even know that it’s possible for him to become a winning entrepreneur. Since he’s unmotivated with schoolwork, he’s seen as a slacker, a troublemaker, and someone who’d never amount to anything in life.

Coming from a not-so-affluent household, Mindy always had the entrepreneurial spirit. He goes from selling fancy cigarette lighters at thirteen years old up to setting up a carpet cleaning and performance car hire company at nineteen.

He was able to buy his dream Porsche and grow an extensive property portfolio. Everything is fine until he hired a business mentor. Following the mentor’s terrible advice, he swiftly accumulated huge amount of debts. [Did the said mentor instructed him to put all his money on Bitconnect or sum’n? ‘Cause how is this possible, really?]

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Mindy suddenly felt very ill. It’s a matter of life and death, and he’s determined in staying alive. For his kids, especially. He recalls watching Bob Proctor [who eventually becomes his mentor] talking about health and praying with all his remaining energy to get cured.

The latter is what he credits for his miraculous healing. Doctors couldn’t believe it. According to them, this whole situation is beyond medical explanation. With this, Mindy responds, “It is indeed the power of prayer and positive thinking.”

He got his second chance in life and he’s not fumbling it. So, here he is now, debt-free and a founder-mentor of an international coaching biz. He’s also inviting everyone to their offers, including the twelve-month results coaching. Cost is around $19k.

Ridiculous pricing for an offer that’s pretty much mindset training. Y’know, the power of the subconscious, law of attraction, manifest this and that, time compression aka earn more by working less, yada yada. I don’t think it should cost you an arm and a leg to learn those, just sayin’.

I’m not hating. In fact, if it wasn’t for the steep price and target market, I wouldn’t really mind. Not my cuppa tea, but maybe yours. It’s no different to gyals getting their astrology fix through buying fancy crystals. While these can be pricey themselves, at least they’re so goddamn pretty and worth it. Ask me why I knew.

As long as it doesn’t stop you from getting any professional help you might need, it’s alright. Mindy isn’t promising some cure here, unless you count how he credits his manifestation thingy for his healing.

As a reminder, seek appropriate health professionals if you’re sick and/or mentally unwell. While the healthcare industry is far from ideal, it’s still much better getting help from them rather from mindset gurus who might prescribe something stupid like pushing boatloads of vitamin C in your system to cure cancer [*cough* functional medicine *cough*].

Mindy Paul Review

Additionally, as long as the price is right, it’s gucci. IMHO, the price is NOT right for Mindy’s. This is what I feel since besides a press release, I don’t see any social proof outside his site and/or social media accounts. We just have to take his word for it. Nope, can’t do. Not when I couldn’t believe his comeback story either.

Again, his mentor is Bob Proctor. And while I only wish him peace now ‘cause he’s already six feet below, Bob is damn shady when he was alive. He worked with scammers, has promoted buncha MLMs himself, and sold overpriced courses. Seems like Mindy is taking notes from him given Mind, Money, and Business’ pricing, and issa NO for me.

Finally, lotta gurus twisting law of attraction to spout anti-poor and victim-blaming arguments is something I won’t be a fan of. Like, ever. Instead of addressing societal problems that lead to poverty and abuse, they’re saying that it’s a YOU problem for somehow attracting bad jujus. You’re just not thinking positively enough. FOH with that.

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