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Pay Per Closing Review

Pay Per Closing

Pay Per Closing is yet another program that promises leads for real estate agents. Rather than call it as lead generation, they label themselves as a referral partnership program. And as their name (and label) implies, the premise would be paying for the lead only after closing it. Since you’re here, this probably piqued your interest, yeah? But before you sign up, read this review first to see whether Pay Per Closing is worth investing in or not.

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Again, Pay Per Closing is developed by Mike Oddo to send real estate agents “fresh hot exclusive leads” that’s delivered in their requested zip code. You’ll get that in exchange for a 25% referral fee, although, knowing them, you actually need to pay more. They try to hide this first on their pitch in order to entice you, though.

On top of referral fees, you’ll pay an annual fee similar to their sister company, Market Maker. When I say similar, I mean similar in amount and offer inclusion. I’ll tell more, but these discussions can wait until later when it’s more relevant to explain. For now, let’s go over what Pay Per Closing says about themselves first, um-kay?

To continue with ‘em promises, the said referral fee is backed by their unmatched closing guarantee. Means not paying the referral fee until you close as I’ve said earlier. As it should be if I must say since a 25% cut is a hefty price to pay upfront on a thang with unreliable (and shared) income. Like, we’re talking about many months here before getting that deal inked for some money that you gotta share with somebody else.

You don’t pay them until work is done, and so are they. That’s the deal and they’re getting the better end of it IMHO. Because, y’know, they’re able to get peeps do ISA work on their behalf without putting them on their monthly payroll. Good for them, they won’t be the ones who’ll go through all the blood, sweat, and tears of calling leads for usually nothing. And yeah, they already got some kaching from the agent, so closing a deal is just a bonus.

Now, onto the annual fees. Yeah, yeah, the referral fee can wait until you close a deal, but that doesn’t mean they can’t charge any other kind of fees. They actually can and they’ll do the charging yearly. It’s quite obvious to me that they’ll do that even without saying a thing. Like, the sh*t they would give and set up for you won’t pay for themselves.

You’ve read it right, their offer is more than sending you leads and you can’t really decline. They say it’s for partnership and wanting you to succeed. I say it’s on wanting to sell something on top of a referral program instead. Because hey, people who bought it without the referral on Market Marker are NOT happy with their purchase. They need to make it more enticing by slapping a referral tag on it. So, basically, it’s the same ‘ol sh*t on a different package.

Pay Per Closing Review

That said, what you’ll get besides leads are the following: Proprietary CRM software; local celebrity branded website and retargeting; agent brand building videos; text autoresponder; step-by-step training suite on how to attract, connect, nurture, and close leads on autopilot; and passive income on their revenue sharing opportunity (which sounds too MLM-y with the levels and pyramid structure). The price to give Pay Per Closing for all of this? Well, besides the 25% cut on all the referrals, Pay Per Closing costs about $1,997 per year.

Knowing the flak they got from Market Maker from trash leads and them not giving enough of it, I’ll say that they only have this program to get that annual fee from y’all. I swear, their scummy ass doesn’t give a damn about referral fees. If they do, they would at least try and improve the quality of their leads, but no. They only get their bag from the unfortunate people that got baited on paying upfront.

Speaking of baited, they also have a history of baiting peeps on sharing their card info, then charging it automatically without any notice. Which sucks because one, it’s unexpected for a lot who’s only there for the free trial; and two, they would refuse to give you a refund despite having a money back guarantee. Turns out, both their trial and guarantee got loopholes that Pay Per Closing is much willing to abuse. To get away stealing ya money, of course. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend Pay Per Closing. Not a worthy investment, that’s all.

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