Paycation Travel Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

A lot of people nowadays are very much addicted to traveling, and I am one of them. Why is that? You can see a lot of new sceneries, culture, practices, delicacies and much more which are only seen in other countries. That will give you more knowledge about your surroundings. And since tourism and traveling are now an ever-growing business, let’s see what Paycation Travel (now Traverus) has to offer.

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Paycation Travel (is rebooted and named Traverus) was founded by David Manning in 2001. It is all about offering cheap travel packages and deals. On the other hand, Xstream Travel (also owned by David) is a subsidiary company that is responsible for recruiting and training travel agents/consultants to promote and recruit individuals to use Traverus Go services which mainly focuses on travel things.

Paycation doesn’t really have their own line of products. The company is affiliated with a group of traveling partners and that’s where they get the bundles from. Paycation is only there to promote membership to the company itself which then gives permission to 3rd-party travel partners. Having 3rd party involvement might be a little bit of a headache. It will not be easy to track leads if something gets awry.

From here on out, I’ll just be using their other name, Traverus, since it is what they use nowadays. So in order to join Traverus, you can either become a Referral Travel Consultant (RTC) which costs a one time payment of $199.95 or a Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) with a one time payment of $399.90. And both cost a monthly fee of $59.95 for the business tools and software systems.

RTCs can get access for up to 65% of commissions for selling services, a commission tracking system, a booking website to refer people to, a travel club membership, and a virtual back office. CTCs on the other hand will have an Xstream certified training, ability to earn top industry credentials through Xstream Travel, ability to book larger groups on travels, get access to minimal rate travels, and sparkling commissions of up to 75%

As I stated above, you can get 65% (for RTC) or 75% (for CTC) commissions on paid out travels booked in your traveling portal. Another 25% on referral travels booked by corporate agents and 5% of all the travel commissions earned by your recruits. But since travels nowadays are booked in advance, you can only get your full commission when that day arrives. And while waiting, you still need to pay $59 monthly for you to remain active.

Residual Coded bonus is applied to RTCs and CTCs if their recruit/s also applied to become RTCs/CTCs themselves. 8% commission will be received monthly for each coded person in your downline who pays their monthly fee of $59.95. This is a good way to earn passive income, the only thing that you need to do is find committed people to join your team.

Match on personal’s coded residual is where you get 100% match on all the residual coded bonus and match on personal’s matrix is where you get 10% match on all matrix commissions your personally enrolled CTC earns. They also have the 3×7 forced matrix that pays out 3 levels wide and 7 levels deep each month. The problem here is that all the members of your team must be active. And if someone is not, it will start to crumble down.

And like all MLMs out there, you need to climb up in ranks to earn more commissions which is such a grueling piece of work if you ask me. In order to climb up in ranks, you must recruit people who are interested in becoming RTCs or CTCs that would remain active, of course. That’s their requirement to fill up rank positions. Sounds like a little bit of pyramid scheme, aren’t they?

The advantages that you will get here is that you have your own home-based business. You can be frustrated in any way possible because you’re just inside of your house. And they also teach you basic entrepreneurial skills, if you’re not aware of this kind of thing. Also, you can get travel discounts (if you really love traveling, then this is good for you).

On the bad side, I have seen a lot of people who have experience in Traverus complaining about that there are many stipulations before you can get your pay. They also have bad customer support and they don’t give commissions on airline tickets. There are other travel agencies out there that give commissions on airline tickets and any other forms that Traverus doesn’t offer. And with minimum to no cost at that.

I don’t recommend you joining Traverus since 95% of its members do not earn money. It will take months or even years before you get your commission since travels are booked in advance, and their setup on earning money mostly depends on building your team (in short, recruiting). So if your team crumbles then you earn no money, as simple as that.

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