Residual Payments Review (Patricia and David Carlin)

Patricia and David Carlin

David and Patricia Carlin always flex their luxurious and work-free lifestyle on their Instagram. They are out there skiing, hitting the golf course, and sunbathing besides a very beautiful beach. They claim that they’re getting asked a lot by prying eyes, usually jealous neighbors, because of this. Like how are they able to sustain this kind of lifestyle without doing any traditional work at all? Surprisingly, they’re not some kind of a drug kingpin ala Pablo Escobar. What they’re doing is offering a digital payment service, something their Residual Payments mentorship also teach. Can you replicate their lifestyle by joining their mentorship? I really don’t think so. I’ll explain why I had my doubts in the review below.

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Personally, I’m tired of these so-called gurus who keeps flexing what it feels like everything they can possibly flex. Expensive cars, travel to a paradise-like island, those type of fancy sh*t. And then never talks about their actual business. I mean, they kinda do on their program’s site but they show no verifiable evidence most of the time. Basically, feeling like a main character when it comes to broadcasting what they do about their money but turn into something opposite, an unseen mysterious character even, when asked about how their biz is doing. This is how I see David and Patricia Carlin. Personally, this alone will make me stay away from whatever they have to offer.

If that’s not enough for you, then let me state the other reasons. But first, let me introduce what is Residual Payments. Nothing new really, it’s just an online training course that shows how you’ll make money out of processing credit card payments for somebody else. To start with this program, you’ll be encouraged to enroll in their starter course titled Digital Payment Revolution. Here, you’ll be greeted with video modules that talks about the Carlin’s (as if their posts in Instagram is not enough to know them), intro to credit card processing, the potential of the biz, and the “secrets” why this biz is the most lucrative way to earn residual income. It costs $17 but with an upsell already of some cheat sheet in Residual Income Multiplier at $12.95.

You might say something along the lines of “the price ain’t that bad and I don’t mind the upsell since it’s cheap af!” Well, let me tell you something about upsells. No, it doesn’t stop at Residual Income Multiplier and it’s nowhere near the price of these intro courses. I’m talking about thousands of dollars’ worth of upsells here. Their mentorship alone costs $10,000 based on what I’ve seen in the forums.

Residual Payments Review

Besides, is there really a business for something an established companies can do by themselves? You’ll need to have sales chops here to convince them to choose you. I mean, what’s a few coins of savings for these companies if it means possibility of getting scammed. I’m not saying that you’ll scam them, don’t get me wrong. But these companies will be more likely to be safe than sorry. Basically, they’ll likely never engage to a nobody (harsh but true in terms of credit card processing) as there are known and prevalent scams regarding these merchant services.

I also doubt the promise of a residual and passive income. Like how would these be a passive biz if you need to process credit card payments? Is there an app that will make this process automated or do you need to hire someone, maybe from countries that accepts low wages such as Philippines, to do all the day-to-day tasks for you? Regardless, needing to do the gruesome sales talk before having someone onboard is already a lot of work to me, TBH.

In conclusion, I don’t recommend David and Patricia’s Residual Payments mentorship. Maybe not even their cheap course since those small costs adds up eventually. Worst, you might be persuaded to take the pricier course. I don’t think David and Patricia is a scam, don’t get me wrong. A scam in my book means not providing any expected returns after someone paid for whatever you are offering, be a product or a service. They are not like that. You’ll receive something in a form of video lectures and mentorship once you sign up for their program. Them not being a scam doesn’t mean that their course is worth it, though.

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