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Online Empire Course Review (Law Payne)

Law Payne 1

Law Payne introduces you to an online program that he calls “the baddest program on the planet.” If you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, or just an entrepreneur who wants to build a six, seven, or even eight-figure business from home, then this is the course for you. You may have seen all these online fitness gurus absolutely crushing and you’re wondering what are their secrets, and how they do it. Maybe you have a gym or you started an internet-based fitness business but you’re stuck. Maybe you know you’re destined for more, but you need some guidance.

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Regardless of your goals, Law has definitely got you covered. He can help you achieve the success you never thought possible. The kind that you thought only happens to other people, but not to you. And the kind that you can’t even imagine will happen to you in your current state. And also, you get hand-holding and mentoring from some of the best marketers. Yes, these are big promises, but can Law put his money where his mouth is? If his track record is any indication, then yes, he most certainly can. After all, he has built a digital fitness empire. He helps clients in more than a hundred countries to get into the best shape of their life.

To market and run his various businesses, Law is a frequent user of ClickFunnels. It’s also useful for tracking their revenue. And thanks to his strategies, Law claims that he did over thirty-five million in sales in the previous year. But it’s not because he’s just lucky. His proven system has allowed him to replicate the success he has gotten before, allowing him to make millions with each new venture. It’s no wonder he’s able to receive various ClickFunnels awards due to his success. So far, Law has received six different Two Comma Club Awards, three Eight Figure Awards, and one Twenty-Five Million Award. Needless to say, he has proven his worth many times over.

So what exactly is Law’s online course all about? Instead of directly answering, Law did the opposite and tells you what it’s not about. It’s not just a bunch of videos he slopped together in his spare time, threw up on YouTube, and called it a day. It’s not about taking your money and just wishing you good luck. And it’s not a bunch of clichés or advice you can’t take action on. Instead, it’s a meticulously designed course Law created to show you the exact steps you need to take in order to replicate his success. It also includes the usual things that you get on an online course: Coaching, mentoring, access to his mastermind, and more.

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Here, you’ll learn how Law builds his sales funnels, communities, and other online marketing assets that function as a personal moneymaking generator for him and his wife, Patricia. In fact, thanks to these successful businesses, they acquired around thirty-five million just a year ago. You’ll discover the necessary elements to building a lasting and legitimate business. One where instead of you hunting for customers, it’s the customers that will come to you, readying their wallets to buy your offers. Not only that, but these customers will also be returning to you everytime to purchase your offers. No stone is left unturned. He’ll teach you a complete blueprint for success on the internet.

Law’s Online Empire Course is split into three modules. The first module is about traffic generation. Law will share his best traffic generation strategies here. Organic, paid ads, DMs, email marketing, voicemail drops. There’s also copywriting training, ad swipes, funnels you can freely copy, pre-selling secrets, and more. In the second module, Law shows you how a high-ticket offer is done. You’ll learn about how to screen out clients who are a bad fit. How to find, hire, train, and manage closers. How to anticipate and overcome objections. Oh, and how to charge more for the offer, yet get more approvals from customers.

The third and final will now deal with automating your business and scaling it to generate more revenue. You’ll learn about seamless onboarding. How to track every metric and tweak your approach accordingly. What you must do to have high retention. How to automate and delegate 80% of tasks. You’ll also get a Virtual Assistant Masterclass, where you can learn the best approach to hiring and managing V.A.s. Sounds promising? If you want, you can book a call with Law’s team to apply for the program. There’s no mention of how much it costs. Law seems to be a great guy, but I think his program is not for everyone. I mean, he explicitly says that if you’re not a personal trainer, or a fitness trainer/coach looking to make at least six figures, just save both of your time. This is not for you. Too bad.

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