Peaceful Profits Review (Mike Shreeve)

Mike Shreeve

Mike Shreeve claims that they help their clients grow businesses to seven figures and beyond through Peaceful Profits. That’s what headlines their site and just like the name, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to describing their business model. I don’t mind the name that much, but do better on the headline. For a bold claim, I demand a preview on how they’ll deliver on it. Guess I’ll be the one to reveal it below.

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Hey, it’s me again, reviewing another money making opportunity as usual. This time, it’s a review on Peaceful Profits. Is it legit or just a Mike Shreeve scam?  We’ll answer that in a wee bit. But first, lemme reveal what’s the fuss about it. Starting with their business model. I’ll do the job their headline won’t… You’re welcome, Mike!

In general, Peaceful Profits is about marketing. Giving premium offer design and market testing, building predictable marketing funnels, helping with automation, that kind of stuff. Still a bit vague, I know, but the bottomline of this is increasing your high ticket sales conversions and scale beyond $100k a month without the hassle.

Besides that, they’ll try to simplify your marketing assets, so it starts paying for itself. Also, they’ll help with growing your audience of customers, so you actually focus on what you do best. Which they assume is more on delivering your service rather than marketing. Finally, they’ll help you leave that day-to-day grind behind, so you can stop trading time for money.

Again, this is the textbook definition of marketing. Now, to be  more specific, they imply that their marketing offers are for coaches, creative service providers, agency owners, freelancers, and professional service providers. Essentially, anyone selling their expertise. T’is the likely reason why Peaceful Profits highlights The One Book Millions Book method as their first offer. It’s about using books as a marketing asset.

Why, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know that lots of coaches and the likes entice people with their books. It’s either free or costs only a little especially when compared to the flagship product. Most of them are very short and just push you towards buying the main thang without telling too much, though.

Peaceful Profits don’t deny it. In fact, that’s the point of their method. In particular, the point is to achieve zero net marketing cost through little 68-page books. And if Nicki Minaj says that “yes, I do the cooking,” then this book, if it can speak at all, will say “yes, I do the selling.” Funny enough, Peaceful Profits does what their method says closely and sells it as a book with extra digital contents on the side.

So, by buying Peaceful Profits method, you’ll get a copy of the book with the method plus the following training: 7 x 7-Figure Funnel Breakdowns, 3 Clients Per Day With a Short Book, 3 Offers to 7-Figures, Book Hook Workshop, 14-Day Writing Challenge, and Sales Mastery. The price for Peaceful Profits’ method? Well, Peaceful Profits’ method cost $4.99 for all the stuff I listed above. However, two upsells on the sales page would increase that to about $88.99.

Peaceful Profits Review

However, those are not the only upsells. Kinda expected if I should say because nothing feels like a flagship product yet. For example, they have the The No Pants Project, a program about freelancing, that costs $997 a year. Yup, that pricey. And from what I’ve seen online, it’s nothing but overpriced garbo. Quite a turn, huh?

What’s worse is that they do really mean to sell some sh*t. If not, they won’t be called out for extreme shilling and policing their group to remove negative (but honest) reviews about their program. Not to mention the fraudulent charges, that’s a big headache fosho to recover. No wonder they’ve been called crooks, while their program is tagged as an outright scam.

Obviously, I wouldn’t push you to try your luck on something that’s been dragged to the mud like that, would I? Although, I’ll admit, I wouldn’t call the offer on Peaceful Profits’ method a scam. It’s probably lacking, but it’s appropriately priced for being something. There’s also no high-pressure sales involved yet or none of that madness whatsoever. Not until you bought it, that’s when they go cray cray with ‘em upsells. No, thank you! That’s why I won’t recommend Peaceful Profits.

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