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Pedro Rivera Net Worth

Music connects all of us. Regardless of genre or language, music has a way of bringing people together. In some cases, music run so deep in the veins of certain families that they decided to turn it into a family business of some sort. In some such cases is Pedro Rivera, a well-known Mexican singer, actor and music producer, businessman and talent scout. In Mexico, he juggled multiple jobs in order to make money. He was always doing for his family. It wasn’t until they migrated to the United States that his career in music began. So what is Pedro Rivera’s story and how much is his net worth? We’re about to find out.

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Pedro Rivera was born on February 23, 1943 in La Braca, Mexico. Most of his growing years was spent working multiple jobs to help his family. He was always someone who would travel through terrain in order to find a better future. Soon after, he migrated by bicycle to a town called Hermosillo in the state of Sonora. It was in that town where he would eventually meet his wife Rosa. Their love story felt like something written in a movie. Pedro heard the most beautiful voice while he was watching to a singing contest hosted by the local radio station. From the moment his eyes laid on her, he did everything it took to make her say yes. In 1963, they tied the knot.

Somewhere along the line, Pedro and Rosa migrated to California to built a new life for their family. It was there that they raised six children, Pedro Jr., Gustavo, Jenni, Lupillo, Juan and Rosie. The whole family worked hard to make it in the U.S. Sometime in 1984, Pedro decided to spend some of his savings to produce a corrido called “Voy A Bajarte Una Estrella.” Corridos are songs that often tell a story that is accompanied by music. It was then where Pedro’s musical empire founded its roots. Around that time, Don Pedro started a bit of an acting career. He would continue to do a few movies based from his corridos. In 1987, Pedro founded his record label Cintas Acuario. Among the artists who were signed to the label was Chalino Sanchez.

Among the six of Pedro’s children, Jenni, Lupillo and Juan were the ones who pursued a career in music. In a family where music is an integral part to their culture and heritage, it only makes sense that a few of them would take a liking to it. Jenni is the most well known of the three, dubbed as La Diva de la Banda. She sold over 20 million copies of her music throughout her career until her untimely death in 2012. Since then, her sister Rosie would handle her estate. Jenni’s daughter Janey, or better known as Chiquis, also started a music career in 2014 following her mother’s death. Lupillo makes music under his father’s label. All of Don Pedro’s children are all pretty successful in their respective fields. He has instilled a specific work ethic in all of them.

It is not really known what Pedro’s net worth is. Some estimate it to be around $700,000. To this day, Pedro is still running the record label. He has also found an interest in doing weekly shows on his YouTube channel. Often the content you’ll see will include members in the family. You never would’ve really expected this. But it’s great that Don Pedro has taken a liking to posting on social media. I’m amazed at how active he is in those platforms. You don’t often see older people strive on social media.

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