Jon Penberthy Review (AdClients Courses)

AdClients Courses

Jon Penberthy shares how AdClients started as a random thought, something that pops off over a shower. He turned the said idea into reality, and now the program is “one of the premier spots on the internet for marketing education,” or so he thought. He also added that you’ll want to join his program for two reasons. One, you want to attract your target audience. Two, you want to convert the said audience to clients. Curious? Scroll below for my review.

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For the reasons I stated above, you probably realized that the program is all about marketing. Jon has been very transparent and frank with this. Not one of those annoying mentors who try to hide their business model to pretend that it’s some top tier secret stuff. It’s not and usually it’s the same ‘ol sh*tty biz on eCommerce and real estate. Jon did label their sales pitch video as “free online classes”, but he’s quick to address that it’s really a sales pitch aka a preview of his paid programs. “Our plan is to WOW you into wanting to eventually buy something from us,” he says straight-up. I know the bar is off the pits of hell, but kudos to him for one less sleazy sales tactic.

Yeah, that’s literally just one less sleazy sales tactic as Jon proceeds with a slimy countdown timer thingy plus a make-believe live webinar (it’s prerecorded).  And oh, he’s also notorious for spamming annoying emails that screams desperation.  Again, I’ll say that I’m disappointed because he started out quite well. But I’m not surprised at all. Most of these marketers slash mentors are cut from the same cloth, anyway.

Moving on to the offers of AdClients, I’ll say that there’s plenty of courses to choose from. He has an introductory 90-day marketing program in Expert Accelerator that’ll teach you how to launch your very own ad campaign and optimize it. Then, there’s also Aducated Coaching Academy that’s focused on creating effective YouTube ads. There’s also personalized mentoring and DFY services listed on the program’s site. What stands out to me, however, is The Legit Webinar Masterplan. It’s very similar to Russ Ruffino’s Clients On Demand course, but none of the one-on-one coaching. It’s also waaay cheaper.

Specifically, the price of this AdClients course is only $37 compared to Clients On Demand at $10,000. Something’s off with the pricing, I can feel it. But I’ll set aside my doubts first and talk about the gist of the Webinar Masterplan course. As you might’ve have guessed from its name, it’s all about webinars and turning them into high-converting ones. Simply put, effectively turning clicks and eyeballs into kaching. And it’s not only limited to teaching the A to Z on webinar presentation and content, but also on creating the sales funnel and follow-up campaigns (probably the spammy emails), and ways on how to direct highly targeted traffic into your funnel (paid ads).

Jon Penberthy Review

So, what’s off-putting about this? Well, the cheap price is designed to lure you into a never-ending sales funnel. The less than a hundred bucks’ courses from Jon, just like The Legit Webinar Masterplan, are usually not enough to get you started. Instead, the actionable steps are usually locked behind the pricey upsells.  As expected from a typical marketer, he’ll likely pressure you into buying some. I’m talking about paying $1,995 or more for an upsell.

Besides, Jon also has connections with the Morrison bros. That’s a red flag alert for me knowing these two. If you’re not familiar with them, both brothers, Anthony and Adrian Morrison, have been called out for being a scammer, a fraud, and a con-trepreneur. Personally, I would avoid a guy like Jon who’s actively promoting programs of these people with extremely bad reps. It’s either he’s a scummy enabler who’ll collab with anyone for clout or a scammer himself just like the bros. As the saying goes, “birds of the same feather flocks together.”

To conclude, I wouldn’t recommend Jon Penberthy’s AdClients courses. If what he’ll teach is just whatever the sh*t he’s doing to promote his program, then hard pass. Thousands of dollars for that? Nah, I’m good. I’m also tired of Jon’s invasive emails, fake countdown timers, and fake scarcity. Like, who still believes that? Not me, that’s for sure.

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