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Peng Joon’s newest video advertisement has him mocking the typical social media user who posts pictures of almost every meal, every trip they had, and even almost every new thing that they bought with their own money. He implies that that isn’t the proper way to use social media, and states that if used properly, social media is also one of the most powerful tools that you can utilize in your business to help you get more reach, more visibility, more leads, and sales. For me, the advertisement is already a red flag, but okay. Let’s try and listen to what he has to say.

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According to his life story that’s always being told whenever he’s speaking at an event or promoting a product, Peng Joon was one of the few people who is able to turn his passion into a foundation for his business empire. In fact, his addiction to gaming was, at first, the reason why he almost didn’t graduate from college. But gaming is his passion, and after learning everything that he can about internet marketing and ways to make money online, he successfully launched his very first eBook, a guide for his most favorite online game: World of Warcraft.

The money he earned from the sales of the eBook may not be even enough to cover his hosting fees before, but it was already an inspiration for him. He’s convinced that he can make money online, given the proper system. And after he further developed and refined his marketing system, he emulated his success by releasing another gaming guide eBook. This time, it’s for Farmville. In less than a year (8 months, to be exact), he made over $ 1.3 million from his guide. And since then he’s been able to build several 8-figure earning businesses in a span of 7 years.

Peng Joon attributes this to the success of his 5-step system, which he continuously references even in his video advertisements. He then shows a hierarchy of some of the necessary skills that you should master in order to make money online. At the lowest place in the hierarchy is “Website.” Peng Joon notes that there are several websites out there that look very good and professionally-designed, yet don’t make money at all. Even he himself doesn’t know anything about website building, coding, etc. But that’s because it’s not really that important in earning money. There are several skills that you need to prioritize if your aim is to make money online, and website building stands at the lowest.

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The next skill that sits on a higher hierarchy, is sales. Most people actually don’t think of themselves as a salesperson because society thinks of them as a lowly job status. But when you think about it, learning sales as a skillset is very important because that determines how much can you earn. It’s basically the lifeblood of any business, believe it or not. The next skillset in the hierarchy is building a good sales funnel. While it’s almost the same as learning how to build a website, it’s a different thing entirely. Because a good sales funnel allows you to meet new people, establish good relationships, build trust, credibility, and allows you to offer something of value to them.

The second-to-the-top skillset that you need to learn in the hierarchy, is generating traffic. As I always say, even if you have the best product offer in the entire world, it won’t matter if no one is there to see it. And even if they do see it, if those people aren’t even interested in the offer, then no sales would come to you. Hence, not just any traffic will do. It should come from organic and targeted sources Finally, the topmost skillset that Peng Joon suggests you learn, is how to automate your business. It’s something that you’ll hear about everytime during business discussions, but being able to automate your business so it basically generates money for you, is also the key to scaling it.

Overall, while his video advertising approach is annoying, I think Peng Joon is still a legitimate online marketer. His free YouTube video content does have some value and could be worth watching, but he also sells various online courses that tackle different topics on internet marketing. Like Content Multiplier Formula, Videos Challenge, Million Dollar Ads, Platform Closing, Event Codex, Proven Presentations, and his mentoring program, Legacy Mentoring. The price for each of his programs isn’t revealed on his website, and you have to book a call to find that out. But for me, his free content is more than enough for his intended purpose, and you don’t need to shell even a single cent for him.

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