Penny Stocking Review (Timothy Sykes)

Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes will never be tired of saying how he turned his Bar Mitzvah money into $1.67 million dollars and more. Like, alright, we get it, but do you really have to make it the focal point of your pubmats? Quite frankly, I’m not impressed with the said effort to sell his stuff which includes PennyStocking. The reason why I don’t like his approach on marketing plus my thoughts on the said program are revealed down below.

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First off, let me spill why I basically hate his guts, at least on how he markets himself and his programs. Starting off with him framing himself like a self-made millionaire with humble beginnings. C’mon now, the average person won’t even have a hand-me-out money like him with his $12k Bar Mitzvah and he’s calling what he had as humble? Hell nah. Touch some grass, dude.

It’s not only the audacity, it’s also him saying this same ‘ol BS on repeat. The focal point as I’ve said earlier. So f*cking annoying coming from a Mister-I’ll-be-a-pro-athlete-if-I-didn’t-hurt-my-elbow himself. And yeah, I also mentioned his pro career frustrations because it’s been one of go-to scripts of ‘em gurus that are up to no good. Whoops, spoiler alert!

So, there you have it, ladies and gents. The reason his marketing approach fails to sway me to his side and, in turn, makes me hate it. Might work for some TBF since he usually sprinkled it with some lighthearted and I’m-working-anywhere-I-want-to humor, but not on me. Not when I already reviewed his ass before and know the ugly truth behind his quirky facade. But before we go deep into exposing the monstah, let me introduce his PennyStocking Silver package first. What is it, to be exact?

PennyStocking Silver package is Timothy’s offer about trading penny stocks with lessons on the basics of it. Essentially, it’s sort of an upgrade to Tim’s Alerts that only contains SMS, email, and push alerts of five to ten penny stocks to watch out for daily; ProfiDing trade alerts; and access to a daily chatroom. 

In the PennyStocking Silver package, there’s all of that in Tim’s Alerts plus video training on best chart patterns (this is BS by the way), trade setups, sample trades to build your penny stocking instincts, and more. However, PennyStocking  would come with a much steeper price of $149.95 monthly payment (or $1,297 a year) compared to Tim’s Alerts’ $74.95 a month (or $697 a year).

Now that I’m done with the description of PennyStocking, let’s proceed with the ugly truth. To start, the program itself is too damn expensive and not worth the price. You’ll be better off with free resources first or, at least, follow my rule of thumb of only spending a grand on reputable programs with an actual license to give investment advice. The latter makes PennyStocking out of consideration (i.e. it’s pricey and without license) and that’s not even accounting the upsell on it that can cost up to $10k. Ten f*cking K.

Penny Stocking Review

You know what’s worse? It’s Timothy allegedly using the subscribers of his programs to run a pump-and-dump scheme. In other words, he’ll hyped a stock he’s holding with the purpose of dumping it. Only minding his own profit with no regards on the actual performance of the stock which corresponds to his subscribers’ profit.

That sh*t is a scam, but it’s also something I expected from him seeing lotta comments about him knowing nothing about actual trading strategies and technical analysis. As expected, the greedy dumbass who unfortunately knows a bit of marketing will try to pull off something scummy that’s profitable for him and also within the capacity of his noggins. Y’know, a brain dead strategy and a trading scam in one like pump-and-dump.

With that being said, I’m not recommending PennyStocking Silver package or any of Timothy Sykes’ programs. Timothy is just an internet marketer who knows how to get some suckers in by selling a dream. Promising something that’s too good to be true, so him and his army of affiliates will cash in. Above all, he also knows his SEO well and that’s why I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that this review finds y’all first instead of the paid articles written by his shills. Enough of his money-sucking ass, period!

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