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Dan Pye claims that he can show you how to launch a business that can generate $10,000 per month on complete autopilot in just ninety days or less. And while it does involve some selling on the Amazon platform, he also says that you’re not going to sell any physical product at all. The idea is that you’re going to write and publish your own book, and while it sounds complicated for most people, Dan claims that it’s not complicated at all, and he will show you how and why. As it turns out, it all starts first with your mindset.

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Developing your mindset first may sound cliché for some people, but I can’t really stress enough how important it is to develop a good mindset when starting any kind of business, not just this one. Dan Pye says that to start off, you have to build a daily routine first. What time are you getting up each day? Exercising? Working? Spending time with family? Going to bed? Creating a routine and sticking to it is critical. Consistency for this is always the key. Also, clear your doubts whenever you start a business. Always believe that no matter what, you can do this. Once you’ve programmed your mindset and filled it with positive thoughts, you’re all set to succeed not only here, but in any business.

Once you’ve got the proper mindset, Dan will now deem you qualified with teaching you the business model that he’s been using to go from a homeless guy living in poverty, to someone making around ten or more grand every month. As mentioned before, the idea is that you’re going to write and publish your own books and list them on Amazon Kindle. Of course, there are also three methods you can do in order to accomplish this.

The most obvious one is, of course, to write the book on your own. Yes, it’s a fulfilling experience if you wrote the book yourself, all that hard work. But that’s the thing. It’s too much hard work. To accomplish a best-seller using this, you need to be a good writer. A very good one, might I add. That’s why it’s not really going to work for a lot of people. Besides, it takes too much time, and there’s still all the marketing that you need to do afterward. This means it’s going to take a very long time before you can even sell.

Thus, the other suggested method for Amazon Kindle self-publishing is to outsource the work on your book. That is, you hire ghostwriters to write for you. It’s great if you want to automate your self-publishing business, but Dan Pye himself says that you should avoid doing it. He states that not only is it quite expensive (costs for paying your ghostwriters), but it also requires ongoing marketing. Besides, he also claims that ghostwritten books may not have the level of quality that you desire for them to be a bestseller. At this point, it might seem that you’ve exhausted all the methods there is, but Dan also presents you with a third method: The Public Domain.

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Sourcing in the public domain is what Dan has been using since 2012 to huge success in book publishing. As he claims when describing Period Time Publishing, “This strategy has a large barrier to entry, and if you don’t know what you’re doing it could be very problematic for you. But in saying that, it requires no cost. And you can publish up to ten books a day if you have the right systems in place.” Thus, Dan claims that this method is the recommended one for self-publishing, because he’s going to teach you a system that can eliminate all the potential problems you may encounter when you use the public domain.

“So now that we’ve chosen a strategy, the public domain, it’s time to move into the next step, which is research,” Day Pye continues. “Then, after you dig and reverse engineer and figure out what types of public domain books you should be publishing, you need to start doing so, uploading and listing them on KDP, as fast as possible but without sacrificing on quality. Ensure that you’re publishing to as many genres or niches as you possibly can. And do this all week, for as many hours as you possibly can. In this game, yes, quantity matters. If you wanna make sales, you need to take a volume approach to self-publishing.”

Dan claims that his Period Time Publishing program will teach you everything that he knows on how to succeed in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Included in the training are lessons on how to test different books, optimize your KDP listings, make decisions based on what customers are telling you, and essentially improve your business model overall. The cost to join Period Time Publishing isn’t mentioned anywhere, and it’s only revealed after you book a call with him. You can bet that it’s going to cost you a thousand dollars or more, though.

Personally, however, I wouldn’t really recommend this business model unless you’re passionate about writing your book or so. Despite what they claim here, self-publishing your books actually takes a lot of hard work, especially since you can’t rely on a publishing company for everything that you need. I even have some doubts that Dan Pye only got rich by selling training courses like this, and not via self-publishing books. It’s not really a bad business model per se, but if you’re not a passionate writer, there are better ones for you out there…

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