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Jewelry can be such a big thing if you want to flaunt your wealth. Although, everybody can buy jewelry at any price point. Wearing jewelry can be a reflection of your personal style. I for one don’t really wear jewelry all that much. It’s very hard to sometimes find very subtle-looking pieces of jewelry. That’s just me. I don’t really like to buy big, audacious pieces of jewelry. For the most part, it seems hard to wear intricate-looking pieces of jewelry on a regular basis. Some people do that, believe it or not.

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One of the people that a few celebrities go to for their jewelry needs is Peter Voutsas, owner of the Peter Marco boutique in Beverly Hills. There are obviously a lot of other boutiques you can go to around Beverly Hills if you want to buy jewelry. But there’s something about building a rapport with the owner of an establishment that seems like a good idea. You don’t often get personalized service that often.

Based on the description that’s on the official website for the boutique, the store is pretty much the culmination of Peter’s entire experience. In a video he posted in January 2022, Peter expounded more on the beginnings of his journey to becoming a celebrity jeweler. He was born and raised in New York with his sister. Unfortunately, his dad left him and the rest of the family when he was young. So his mother was the one taking care of him and his sibling. He mentions that nobody in his family worked in any type of jewelry store prior to him.

Since he was roaming around the streets of New York, you know like most kids do, Peter go into a bit of trouble. At around the age of 14, somebody that’s his mother’s friend knew was working for a high-end jewelry manufacturer in Manhattan. That area in the city is fairly high-end. A lot of the more expensive shops are located there. He got hired to clean up shop during the summer.

Seeing as he didn’t really had what it takes to go through four years of college and pursue something like med school or law school afterwards, Peter decided that he find a trade that he could learn on his own. Somehow, he managed to ask his guidance counselor if he could change up his schedule. Granted, this was around the late 1970s. He went to his school from 7:30AM to 11:30AM, then worked at the jewelry company from 12PM to 3PM. He then would go to a nearby night school afterwards. He managed to do that for three years. Just so that he could get enough credits to graduate high school.

Eventually, Peter got promoted as a messenger boy. That meant he to travel to and from different places so that he could deliver materials and other paraphernalia that his company needed. Life pretty much went on for him. He seems to have pretty much stayed within the jewelry industry. I didn’t really pay much attention to the latter part of the video. Because we pretty much know where it went. He had managed to use all of that experience to start his own boutique in the heart of Rodeo Drive, which is seemingly the fashion hub in Beverly Hills. It’s no wonder that Peter has since managed to earn a net worth of about $15,000,000.

Like a lot of people who work within the Hollywood area, you kind of have to establish some kind of presence online. Peter is doing just that on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. You can see the signature purple in a bunch of the posts on Instagram. But it’s definitely all over the place on the vlogs they post on YouTube. The use of purple can be kind of overbearing at times. And that kind of applies to the entire boutique. I guess they’re really sticking with their branding.

Still, it’s amazing how sort of linear Peter Voutsas career has been. Nobody would’ve expected a scrappy teen from New York would eventually become one of Beverly Hills’ well-known jewelers. As you can see on the posts on his Instagram, he gets around. Even though I don’t know most of the people he has a photo with.

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