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Trevin Peterson is a guy who discovered his passion for being an entrepreneur quite early. His first attempt at starting an online business was with dropshipping. But even though it didn’t end well, this turned out to be his stepping stone. After this, he then ventured into multi-level marketing, which he claims he has found more success in, bringing in a consistent flow of income of about $2,000 per month. And after being introduced by a friend, he then dove into Amazon FBA, and he has stayed with it ever since. And he’s willing to teach interested individuals how he was able to find success in this business model, even though he claims he’s not a guru.

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Everyone has a humble beginning in any business venture, and Trevin Peterson was no exception. His Amazon FBA journey started out as a single product side hustle. But in just over two years, he claims he’s able to grow it into a multi-million dollar business selling multiple products, and he didn’t even need to spend much in the way of expensive ads and anything similar. The key here, he says, is that he’s able to avoid bad products in his inventory. How’s he able to do it, Trevin will teach you. He’ll also teach you the proper mindset you need to succeed, plus the secrets to scale to seven figures.

And he claims that anyone can start in Amazon FBA and be successful in it. College students, stay-at-home parents, nine-to-fivers, newbie entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. In fact, Trevin presents himself as an example. He then proceeds to tell his life story at this point in his video advertisement. Including his multiple unsuccessful business ventures before, and how he was “stupid” back then. He got married to his wife at twenty years old, but he still had no idea what he was doing with his life. He even did construction work during those times that he’s been dabbling in his business ventures.

Today, Trevin’s life is so much better than before. He’s able to hang out more with his wife and his dog more frequently, he’s able to buy their dream house, and he’s able to buy a variety of fancy cars. Trevin then says, “And I’m here to tell you today, if I can do it so can you. I don’t share any of this to brag. I just wanna show you what’s possible. Use this as motivation and inspiration to go take action. There’s nothing special about me. I just do the work. I put my head down and I make things happen. If you can do that, you can succeed with Amazon FBA as well.”

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Amazon has billions of visitors per day, which then translates to billions of dollars worth of revenue. Furthermore, that number will continue to increase due to the current pandemic situation forcing many people to just stay in their homes. So where will they buy the products that they need? Online. Thus, Trevin says that there are massive opportunities here. Since Amazon fulfills everything, it can be pretty passive once you’re up and running. It’s super scalable. And you don’t even need to be all that tech-savvy, according to Trevin.

Trevin’s AMZ Champions will guide you on all the steps that you’ll need to know to run your Amazon FBA business. It contains a total of 13 modules, plus several bonus content to give you more knowledge on Amazon FBA. What you can learn here as follows: Understanding everything about Amazon FBA, how to set up your Amazon FBA accoount, how to build your brand that lasts, proper product research, obversing and overcoming your competition, using various tools for product research and verifying your products, product launching, marketing, up to scaling your business.

You’ll also learn here how to effectively use pay-per-click ads while spending less money, various other marketing strategies other than PPC, using TikTok to grow your brand, remove negative reviews, deal with hijackers, build a second stream of income, and more. The price is $836.40 for the complete course. It comes with access to a private, members-only Facebook group, one month of mentorship via email, and 5 product verifications.  There’s also an upgraded version of this program, which costs $1,196.40. It includes everything mentioned so far plus 5 additional months of email mentorship and one private coaching call that should last no more than 30 minutes.

Overall, I think Trevin Peterson is a good and trustworthy guy. But his claims of having plenty of opportunities on Amazon FBA is something that I still find doubtful. Sure. There are billions of customers. But then again, so will the sellers. If several of Revin’s students sell the same products in the same niche, would that cause some competition? This is the main problem with both dropshipping and Amazon FBA. It’s the saturation. Besides, sourcing from China means that you may end up selling inferior products, which can certainly hurt the reputation of your online store.

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