Philip Johansen Review (Affiliate Marketing)

Philip Johansen

It’s not every day that you hear a jock claiming to know the secret on getting an additional grand or two in your bank account… Well, I do hope it’s unusual for you ‘cause if not, you’re probably watching too many delulu gurus and their get-rich-quick schemes. Nonetheless, I stumble upon this dude named Philip Johansen who pretty much fit the profile I mentioned above… Saw him first on TikTok or rather, I saw people dissing him there. Call me intrigued.

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A grand a day without doing much? What’s that, child’s play? With Philip, it’s $50k a month. In another copy, he stretches it out even further— now up to $5k a day, or $150k in a month. All by using his “ready-made, high converting” affiliate marketing system that’s done for you.

No wonder his ass is getting dragged. The income claim is just ridiculous. Not even top affiliates could reliably hit the figure he‘s spitting, let alone regular people. In comparison, the average affiliate earnings are said to be $38k a year.

While he has a disclaimer, it’s hidden in fine print. Y’know the usual “As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results” yada yada. And then more, like how his 7-Figure Accelerator is not a business opportunity [all while saying “wake up with an additional $1k-$5k per day” BTW] nor a franchise.

Added those bits prolly because the call to report his sh*t to FTC has been making waves recently. He knows he could be in trouble, it’s why he’s in Dubai now. Being outside of US is unfortunately giving him the courage to continue his slimy ways.

He’s still out here, pretending that all it takes is stealing, er, re-uploading other people’s content [aka his 7 Second Viral Content] to make boatloads of money. Says that you only need a cellphone and WiFi connection… No investment required. It’s his “brand-new miracle system for 2023”, ladies and gents.

Obviously, that no investment bit is a lie. The opportunity he’s talking about here is you becoming his affiliate [no, he’s not partnering with nobody but himself]. Which means you’re required to buy the 7-Figure Accelerator course that costs around $2,500. Not-so-fun-fact, it’s “only” $1,497 before. Not even scummy courses are safe from inflation, I guess.

There’s nothing brand new with affiliate marketing either. He just made people pay for his [as a rule of thumb, you should be wary of affiliate offers that require money to get in], added BS claims and guarantees, and that’s it.

Just so you know, the said guarantee is about Philip giving $10k to those who didn’t get any results after purchasing 7-Figure Accelerator. The problem is, the result is not only about not making at least $10k in the next ninety days, but also not getting a sale, a lead, a view, a DM, or a follower. The result could mean practically anything just so Philip can avoid paying up a dime.

In other words, he can pull whatever insignificant metric there is to disqualify anyone from getting the guarantee. It’s like there’s no guarantee whatsoever. Just forget about it, um-kay? I do get it if you don’t. That’s the hook of 7-Figure Accelerator, after all.

Philip Johansen Review

Oh, and also, don’t fall for the glowing reviews that are recently posted on Trustpilot either. As several people have pointed out, the five-star reviews are planted to drown out bad, genuine ones. Most are from the top affiliates of 7-Figure Accelerator like Sell With Nora and Nigel Livers. Essentially, those who have personal stake to save Philip’s reputation, so they can continue raking in commissions.

A review from Trustpilot says it best:

Those are as fake as a counterfeit watch. Turns out, they’re scrambling to post positive reviews because their reputation is tanking on Trustpilot. They even had the audacity to ask for more 5-star reviews in their own Facebook group. Talk about desperate times!

Michelle Smith

There’s also a gossip about how their “lifetime cookie” is a lie and Philip is stealing someone else’s commission for himself or reassigning it to his top earners. And well, I can see him doing that. I mean, he’s a guy who thinks infringing someone else’s copyright [the gist of 7 Second Viral Content] is a good idea. Just don’t be in his business, alright?

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