Real Estate Photographer Pro Review (Eli Jones)

Eli Jones

Eli Jones didn’t like the story he heard from the doctors he talked with. They all told him that they wouldn’t do it over again, paying or taking a loan for half a million worth of tuition fee and studying for decades, if they have a choice. I don’t recommend what he did, but it is what it is now- hearsays made him drop his initial plan to become a doctor. Instead, he became a real estate photographer for a living and now offers training to be such in Real Estate Photographer Pro. Scroll below for the review.

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Considering practicality and his personal passion, I understand his decision. Why spend a fortune on pursuing a career he obviously doesn’t like when he can earn the same with his dream career? That’s what he implies, anyway. As a neophyte, his first full year in real estate photography netted him over $100k, really close to what doctors earn, on the average, in a year. “That turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” he says upon remembering his choice of starting his photography career early instead of going to college.

Fast forward to now, he’s so far ahead of the average doctors in terms of revenue. With his company Norman and Young, he currently has over a thousand clients, hired over fifteen employees, and generated over a million dollars in revenue. Again, these are his words, not mine. He’s really showing the doctors who’s the boss in terms of income. Good for him because the average salary of real estate photographers says otherwise. Particularly, the income is worse by $80k when we’re talking about the average Johns and Janes. What should I say, that could be, ahem, a bitter pill to swallow for Eli.

But Eli doesn’t want you to be lump among the so-called average people. With his Real Estate Photographer Pro course, any aspiring photographer can get what’s usually the missing key in finding success like he did. No, it’s not the skill in the craft aka the ability to consistently snap beautiful shots. Not that he won’t share his technical knowledge on shooting and editing here, but the said skill is not the most important key to earn yourself a duffel bag full of cash here. Instead, it’s all about knowing business and customer service concepts that’ll serve as a foundation to a booming photography biz.

T’is the reason he emphasized the customer service, systems, and processes they’ve used to build Norman & Young in the Real Estate Photographer course. No more sticking photography to the “art doesn’t pay bills” stereotype, the one where you’re capturing real estate properties, at least. If you’re considering this as a side hustle or you want to grow your very own Norman and Young company, then Eli would love to get you there. It doesn’t matter if you’re already a professional photographer, a hobbyist, or someone who never held a camera in their lifetime – he can pave the path for everyone to success just like how anyone can do real estate photography, or so he says.

Real Estate Photographer Pro Review

Specifically, what he’ll include in the Real Estate Photographer Pro course to push you to become successful as well are the following: 100 plus video tutorials, access to an exclusive Facebook group, weekly live Q and A sessions, and a variety of downloads including raw photos, video clips, presets, and templates. The price of Real Estate Photographer Pro? Well, Real Estate Photographer Pro costs around $897 usually, but Black Friday deals plus the occasional availability of discount coupons can drive the price down to only $497.

My thoughts on this? Well, I really don’t have anything bad to say about the content of the course. The video tutorials are actually comprehensive, and reviewed well by its students on TrustPilot. However, I would personally consume free contents first regarding real estate photography before paying the premium for this. My reason would be one, assess if you really got what it takes to shoot real estate properties, and two, think things through regarding the risk of buying expensive equipment that could easily lead to zero ROI.

Obviously, I don’t agree with Eli saying that anyone can do it. And you shouldn’t think like that as well. As explained by the disclaimer written by Eli himself in the course’s site, “the average person who buys any ‘how to’ information gets little to no result.” So, don’t expect to get a decent living out of this. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this especially if you’re not rich enough to not mind wasting thousands of dollars on essential investments here like the camera and PC.

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