The PIG Method Review (Chris Haddad)

Chris Haddad

Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad claims that entrepreneurs, copywriters, and media buyers alike can double, even quadruple their conversion and income with The PIG Method. Short for Punched In the Gut, The PIG Method explores how to capture one’s emotions to write a persuasive copy that sells. It’s also a revelation on how Chris is able to become one of the world’s highest paid copywriters (or so he says). Wanna know more? I got deets about him and his course down below.

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Chris prides himself with creating marketing copies and VSLs that tell compelling stories. It’s like he’s a good marketer, storyteller, and copywriter in one. Which I should say, he really seems like it. Oddly enough, the website of The PIG Method, the squeeze page at least, is not a great example of his copywriting prowess. I did see it in full display on several podcasts that feature him.

Simply put, he’s smooth, he’s suave, and he has a good sense of humor. Quite surprised that he’s usually cracking respectable, family-friendly jokes, and not dark, edgy ones that’s borderline sexist, racist, or any bad -ist there is. Not something I’ll expect from a guy who’s an OG in the dating space.

Don’t get me wrong, he has his mature side too. He even has copies literally saying how he’ll “wake the animal in women” which sounds sus NGL, but he doesn’t make this as his entire copywriter persona. Like, he can pull it off, but only during the times when it’s appropriate, and without sounding like an asshole. Take that, Andrew Tate!

Now we’ve established how he’s like a rockstar (or feels like one) in the copywriting space, let’s proceed with how he came up with The PIG Method. Touting The PIG Method as very feedback driven, he mentions how a Facebook inquiry of his ultimately pushed him to create the course. Actually, it’s already been at the back of his mind, but his personal life gets in the way. He had to wait for his life to calm down a lil bit and when it did, he asked through his personal Facebook account whether anyone would be down for a course. 

Within three hours, he got so many likes and affirmative comments from people who were like “I have my credit card out, just take my money.” Some don’t even care what it is, they’re gonna buy it regardless. And he was like, “hmmm, maybe I should take their money.” T’is his own words and stories, BTW. Shows how the dude always shoots straight without any filter. He loves making lotta money, and he’s not ashamed to admit it.

Anyhow, he also claims how he didn’t really have anything when he first started the course. No email list, no affiliates, no nothing. “All I have is my reputation, my big honking nose, and my mustache,” he quips. And oh, he also got himself his own Facebook group where he’s “slowly teasing the living f*ck out of the people that are in there.” Works out for him, I guess. I mean, if it isn’t really effective, I won’t be out here writing about him and his course.

The PIG Method Review

So, basically, The PIG Method is something you’ll buy if you’re interested in learning how Chris writes his copy in a way that it triggers a strong emotion… something that’ll turn readers of it into actual buyers. Besides the core video modules, what you’ll get in The PIG Method to learn Chris’ way are his swipe file (200+ pdf samples of his copy), weekly live calls for two and a half months, access to a private Facebook group, and more bonus contents to pick his brain like the VSL workshop.

It’s a decent copywriting and VSL course, but I should warn you about two things. One, the course is definitely NOT for beginners. Dude said it himself that he’s actively pushing ‘em noobies out. To be honest, there’s no need for him to do the latter since the price of The PIG Method at $5,997 is probably more than enough to shoo ‘em out. Yup, it’s also expensive AF too, so keep that in mind.

Two, the course is not for you if you’re not fine making exaggerated, outrageous statements like he does. Sure, he’ll share the nuances on how to write those in a way that it’s technically not breaking any consumer laws and all, but I do understand if some people have moral qualms about it. Not my cuppa tea, and maybe it’s not yours as well. Thoughts?

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