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Ryan Pineda says, if you don’t use your real estate license to make commissions, then why bother taking one? And I agree. While having a real estate license certainly has its perks in the real estate industry, ultimately, you should be making money with it. Ryan Pineda has certainly mastered this art, and thus, he has been making quite a lot of money doing real estate. In fact, he seems to be excelling in a lot of his real estate business ventures, from wholesaling to flipping, and even from rentals.

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But as you can expect, Ryan Pineda himself didn’t count himself to becoming a successful real estate investor in the beginning. In fact, his initial dream was to become a professional basketball player. And this he achieved when he signed up with the Oakland A’s in 2010. However, it didn’t really last as long as he hoped. Because three years later, at age 23, he was released from the team.

Not wanting to give up his dream, he then played semi-pro in various independent leagues for the next five leagues. Surely enough, it was a dream come true for him. And thanks to this, he was able to travel around the United States, and even outside the country. Yet despite being able to do the thing that he wanted to do the most, it’s not going to earn him enough money to live a comfortable life, especially when he can’t even play basketball anymore.

It’s from this that he has to the realization that he needed a new source of income if he wanted to live comfortably, especially after he met his future wife, Mindy. And thankfully, he not only learned to tap into one, but several income streams.

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This is where he discovered the power of the real estate industry. Thankfully, he was already working on his real estate license while he was going semi-pro with his basketball career. His first venture into real estate is when he and his cousin bought a bachelor pad together and rented the other three rooms to cover just the mortgage. While this may not be a lot, it was the starting point for his real estate success that will come sooner than he expected.

After he sold that pad, he then began to educate himself via the Bigger Pockets website and podcast. And from then on, he was already making around $40,000 in profits with just two flips. Considering he only has $10,000 in capital and a bunch of credits cards as capital for his real estate flipping business, it’s already quite impressive.

Since then, he’s basically on a roll. After getting himself a private lender company, his real estate business completely took off. He has been averaging around 300+ house deals, and it keeps on growing. Moreover, he has also dabbled in other methods to make money that’s related to real estate, including wholesaling, property rentals, and even founding his own brokerage named Forever Home Realty.

And true to his desire to have multiple income streams, he’s basically expanded into other business and investment ventures during his tenure. He has founded his own real estate investment fund, called Pineda Capital, wherein others can invest in various profitable real estate deals that Ryan finds, and get a share of the profits it makes. He has also invested in the stock market and cryptocurrency, and through his financial knowledge, these investments let him earn from $500 to even $3,000 per month.

He’s also the owner of an accounting firm named True Books CPA, a firm that offers tax, bookkeeping, and accounting services for the real estate industry. Compared to his other income streams, however, it’s not nearly as profitable as the others, as he’s investing quite a lot of it. He’s been also active in his social media presence, especially on Tiktok, Facebook, and most importantly, YouTube. Due to his huge following on his social media accounts, he’s been a popular go-to for sponsors and affiliates, which, in turn, lets him earn even more money.

But arguably one of the most profitable business ventures that Ryan Pineda has currently, together with his real estate ventures, is education. Basically, since he’s earning rather well in real estate, he thought that he would want to teach others how they can succeed financially in real estate. Thus, he has developed real estate courses like the Future Flipper and his coaching programs.

Overall, due to his number of successful business ventures and income streams, it’s not a surprise that he’s been earning around $300,000 and more every month. And it translates to him having a total net worth of around six-point-seven million dollars as of today. Personally, not bad for someone who took his worst basketball season yet and was released soon after.

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