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90 Day Pipeline Review (Ahmad Munawar)

Ahmad Munawar

Ahmad Munawar shows in a YouTube video that practically begging for someone to consult with you ain’t it. There’ll be a lot that would want your consulting services when you’re an expert. But you’re probably just selling it the wrong way, he continues. Insert Ahmad’s 90 Day Pipeline. Here, he’ll teach what to do instead so you can attract five to six consulting deals in a month. Is this legit? Read my 90 Day Pipeline review to find out.

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In a free training video, Ahmad will show a glimpse of what his program has to offer. The problem, especially for those concerned with their privacy, is that you need to give him your contact deets. And obviously, the said video isn’t really a training but a sales pitch of the 90 Day Pipeline. Onto the video

He starts by labelling those people spamming cold prospects as mister or miss desperate. And yes, including those that waste their time on networking events. No, you don’t get deals by saying something that sounds “Hi, I’m desperate. I need some business, can you give me some UwU?” Instead, build what Ahmad calls as the “consulting pipeline” like the top 1% consultants do. As an overview on how to build such, he presents three important concepts.

First, he mentioned power positioning as a way to present and, ehem, position yourself in the market. Clients must see you as the number one solution to their problems. Every other consultant should look like a huge downgrade compared to you. This way, you can comfortably name your price and choose who you want to work with. Essentially, be the right consultant for the right client. They should need you more than you need them, though.

As an example, he presents the description of his student (System Insights Engineering expert) before joining the 90 Day Pipeline program and after. Before, he’s introducing himself with the dull and generic line of “I do computer simulation.” After heeding Ahmad’s power positioning, he’s now saying “I help medical device innovators accelerate development timelines by up to 50% using computer simulation.”

See the difference? You name those people that’ll benefit with your offer loud and clear.  Simply put, be straightforward with what your consulting services are for and don’t make potential clients guess anymore.

Second, he also mentioned something about the results mechanism. You don’t sell time, you sell results. And you’ll make the mechanism of achieving the latter as unique as possible. With this, you’ll make your clients willing to throw stacks at you (literally). You’ll also make the usual competitors irrelevant as clients can’t compare you, the unique consulting master that you are, to ‘em normies.

Just like the first concept, Ahmad showed an example again. This time, it’s another student who’s underselling her service despite her brilliance. By being a student of the pipeline program, Ahmad helps her to create a well-articulated result mechanism that enables her to earn what she truly deserves. From nay to slay!

Third, he emphasized the importance of leadership marketing. When clients look at you, they should confidently say that “ah, this bad b*tch will solve my problem for sure.” Of course, you have to demonstrate that you’re like that, an expert that gets results. You do this show-and-tell with leadership marketing so you’re the obvious go-to consultant. Just like in every other thing IRL, you don’t want to be the lousy second option. Don’t we all?

90 Day Pipeline Review

The rest of the video is Ahmad summarizing his main point. And that is, the truth on what separates the top 1% of consultants from the rest. According to him, it’s not talent, skills, or expertise, but the three concepts he mentioned earlier plus more.

Here goes the catch, he mentions the top 1% as those who are also action-takers, active investors in their biz, and are willing to work with mentors like him. He’s lowkey implying that you’re only good when you snag his pricey 90 Day Pipeline program. Cut to an oddly different video of him encouraging you to book a 45-minute pipeline call for the deets including the price.

No need to call ‘em as the little birds told me that he’s charging around $7,000 – $8,000. Too pricey especially when the mentoring part of the program is only good for three months. Without any receipt to show actual results plus the price, I’ll say NO to this program. It could be legit but nah, it’s not worth it IMO. Heck, better choose a plug-and-play biz rather than something with restrictive prerequisite of having a technical expertise beforehand.

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