Plexus Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

The industry has been dealing with weight loss for the past decades. Many companies like Xyngular and Modere have made their names through selling weight loss supplements and are still out in the market now. Plexus Worldwide is another company that deals with the health and wellness niche and also specializes in the weight loss department. One of their most popular products is the Plexus Slim Drink. How do they differ from others?

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Plexus was initially founded in 2006. The founder, who was not mentioned on any documents, went and sold rather than shutting down Plexus to Alfred Peterson when he discovered that he had a life-threatening illness. The company has started with a non-digestible product, a Breast Check Kit which is a self-screening kit that can help women identify if they have breast cancer, so they say. 

Alfred Peterson together with his new found partner Tarl Robinson (now CEO of Plexus) took over Plexus Worldwide in 2008. With Tarl’s funding, they experimented on new products and came up with the pink drink (What an eye-catching thing to do, make your beverage color pink). Their Plexus Slim Drink main ingredients are chromium that reduces blood sugar and Plexus Slim Blend (consists of green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia extract, and alpha lipoic acid).

Chromium and Plexus Slim Blend are suspected to only have short term hunger suppressant properties which indeed can help you lose weight for some reason but it is not yet scientifically proven to have long term effects on humans. These ingredients are what made them different from other companies. It will be profitable for both the company and consumer if they can make the effect long term though. Break a leg, Plexus. Short term isn’t enough.

To join Plexus and be able to get a taste of this fancy pink drink which can be exclusively bought from their company, their affiliate membership costs $34.95 and is paid annually. You also need to buy at least 1 of the 7 welcoming packs that are ranging from $133.95-$233.95. These packs have different assorted Plexus products for you to test to know what you will be selling when you start retailing their products.

To become commission qualified, you must generate at least $100 of sales monthly and if not met, you can apply for an autoship program which then will send you products to complete your $100 target sales (and of course you will pay for it yourself because you just can’t sell), and your Ambassador Membership must be up-to-date. If requirements have not been met, then you’re not qualified basically. As simple as that. 

Basics of the basics, you can earn in any MLM company that has products to sell if you will retail them. Retail commissions can go up to 25% depending on your personal retail volume in a month. 15% if you made $100-$499.99 retail volume, and as I said, 25% if you went and sold Plexus products that’s worth $500 or more in a month. These commissions are paid monthly. 

Their compensation is based on a unilevel structure. Recruitment commissions are paid with 50% of the welcoming packs and are distributed among the recruit’s upline. The direct upline of the recruited one will get 25%, and it follows, 15% on the recruiter’s upline, then 10% to the recruiter upline’s upline. I know you get it because I do. Let’s not all be dumb here.

They also have rank achievement bonuses in which you will earn bonuses when achieving a certain rank. There are a total of 8 ranks for you to achieve and earn each of their bonuses. And of course, the amount of grueling work you need to put through to achieve such ranks is no easy task but is there to be rewarded for. So good luck. Bonus sales pools are also available for high ranking affiliates.

Plexus was once filed by the Environmental Research Center in a lawsuit claiming that Plexus had failed to disclose to the public that some of their products contain lead which is very alarming because exposure to high levels of lead may cause kidney and worst, brain damage. They also received a warning letter from FDA to stop making therapeutic claims on their product (because all if not most of these companies are not FDA certified).

Plexus is not a scam. It is an MLM company that is popular with their pink drink product. Should you join them though? Companies that hide ingredients just for privacy purposes are not trustworthy, especially when there are components in their products that are bad for everyone’s health. And also making therapeutic claims even if it is not proven and tested is also a red flag.

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