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Courtney Foster-Donahue wants to share with you this new idea that can help you drastically grow your audience, as well as your revenue. And no. It’s not about building your leads by offering free products at first to build your email list. Instead, she uses something called “Pocket Products.” As the name says, these…”pocket” products are very small (literally and figuratively) products that can be churned out in just a few days and sold for a very low price. The goal, she explains, is not just to build an email list, it’s to build a list of loyal leads who are also existing and actual customers. Once it’s built, you can then gradually sell them higher-priced offers on a later date.

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After discovering and utilizing this approach, Courtney claims it has let her earn several millions worth in revenue. Furthermore, she says that the Pocket Products method can work for almost any type of business. Local or global. Offline or online. Product or service-based. Though it can work extremely well if you’re a coach or consultant, and you’re planning to build an online course. If you’re not sure that your planned online course would sell, then you can use this method first to gauge interest. Courtney claims that Pocket Products is better than those methods that are slow and generate low ROI (Return Of Investment) and that you can swap out those lead magnets for real revenue.

The Pocket Products online course aims to help you come up with an idea for a perfect “pocket product,” and make it into a reality, one that’s very easy to market to your intended customers. You’ll learn some tactics to make those into an offer they simply can’t refuse, all the technical methods that you should do so you can sell them hands-free, and how to make sure that your offers reach your intended customers. Even if you don’t have enough money to spend on ads. The Pocket Products online course can be broken down into 4 phases, and each of them can contribute to the growth of your online business.

Phase 1 is all about learning to create. This is where you will learn how to create your own pocket product. It consists of tech tutorials and even templates for your convenience. Phase 2 is about learning to launch your product. This part here will help you launch your brand new product and reach your ideal target audience. Phase 3 is about creating your sales funnel. A sales funnel is a one-page website that is designed to bring customers into collecting leads. You’ll learn here how you can create one. Phase 4 is how you can leverage those leads you gained. This last phase will teach you how to get the most out of your leads and make them loyal customers for all of your offers, present and future.

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As per the so-called gameplan, the curriculum of Pocket Products lasts a total of 5 days. This is so you’re able to launch your pocket product as early as a week. The 5-day curriculum covers all the lessons that implement the Four-Phase Launch process mentioned before, as well as how you can scale your campaign in order to gain more revenue. Aside from this, Pocket Products includes other bonuses. Such as a Sales Page Template to convert browsers into buyers, The Diamond Rule, Court’s proprietary system for making these products must-have, a Launch Checklist to take the guesswork out of going live, as well as Tech Tutorials so everything runs smoothly.

Courtney also assures that not only does the Pocket Products method works for any type of business, but also any type of niche there is. She says that it has worked for niches like parenting, network marketing, photography, videography, outdoor hiking, personal training, life coaching, Bible studies, nail salons, and lots more. As for the cost? The Pocket Products online course costs only $47. And there are no refunds for this. But as soon as you paid for the course, you’ll be granted instant access to the course material presented. It’s also intended to be taken for 5 days, but if you want to, you can zip through the material in a single day.

My verdict? Pocket Products is a rather unique method of securing clients, to be honest. The method could work since what you’re aiming to get are sure buyers, instead of freebie hoarders. And when they already have a taste of what you can offer, there’s a higher chance of them coming back for more, higher-cost offers from you. Courtney also seems to be a legitimate and trustworthy person, and she knows what she’s talking about, so there’s an assurance there. But I don’t think the method is suitable for newcomers. The program seems to be more suited for current business owners that already have some sales and momentum.

And it seems that there’s a bit of stress in here as well, as you’ll be worrying about things like customer satisfaction, negative reviews, researching the market and praying that it will end up buying your stuff, etc. To be honest, not everyone can handle it (no offense), but not to worry. There are other, less stressful business models that are less stressful than this, yet have the potential to let you earn even more money. Wanna know more about it? Click the link below.

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