Pocket Your Dollars Review

Pocket Your Dollars is a free helpline consisting of “financial experts” or might as well call them financial advisers who are always ready on-call when you have any questions regarding debt management, loans, credit score, and many more. They claim to have helped thousands of Americans get out of debt and have experience working on all the major banks. How do they really operate? Let’s find out below for my Pocket Your Dollars review.

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According to what I’ve found, one of the co-founders and advisors of Pocket Your Dollars in 2008 is Josh Snow, an entrepreneur and active investor. The same person who is the CEO of the product line SNOW, a direct to consumer leader in oral care and oral cosmetics. Well, that’s only a brief introduction to one of the founders, and now let’s go over to the helpline itself, Pocket Your Dollars.

The thing about this helpline is that they act as financial advisors to people who seek assistance in terms of money management. They only have one goal – to help you become your own financial advisor of your own life. These people believe in the process of learning, comparing and saving. Learn with posts of financial experts to make smart financial moves, compare applicable options which can help you best in certain situations and after all this, you wouldn’t realize that you have saved much more money than you anticipated.

It really feels so relaxing just to know you’re already out of debt, you know? Less to worry about, and by knowing the process of avoiding it, you can make smart decisions on doing all the things that you want with your hard-earned money, guilt-free. That’s the pleasure of having financial freedom, and that’s what financial experts in Pocket Your Dollars will teach you once you decide to try and call their hotline for advice.

They have a wide range of categories to choose from, may it be credit card debt, improve your credit score, medicare, banking, property loan, student loan, life/health/car insurances, mortgages, name it and they’ll be more than happy to answer all of your inquiries and promised to find you the best program that suits your concern if you ever decided to try out one of their services. It is a process where you will suddenly see your debts diminishing little by little, as per reviews in their testimonial. 

But all categories have qualifications before they will be completely in your case. That’s how they manage to cater to people who really are in need of their services, because let’s be real here, millions of people, in America alone, suffer from money mismanagement and even though they know they’re in it, they’re still ignorant about it. You can’t really go out of debt if you just let someone do the job and it’s done, you need to know the process too, so by moving forward, you can avoid the same mistake.

How do they really operate? You will make a 15-min phone call using their hotline number,and there you will find yourself talking to one of their “financial experts”. After that, they will offer you a list of programs that are suitable to your concern and of course they’ll talk you out to one of the programs they deemed best suitable to help you with your concern. And from there, they will give you peace of mind that the chosen program will definitely leave you out of debt.

What’s free here is just their initial consultation. After you decide to try their program, they will further assess your concern whether you’re qualified or not, and once you pass this, they will offer you a program best suited for your situation. Since program costs vary depending on the circumstances and goal of each individual, you will only know the cost you’re paying once assessment is done.

I think Pocket Your Dollars is not a scam. They might really have helped thousands of people get out of debt, and even got featured in Elen DeGeneres Show where Elen described them as “a free helpline assisting American’s in getting out of credit card debt, improving their credit score, getting senior medicare services and more” and donated $25,000 to the married couple at the end of the video. And a show like Elen might have helped them get more prospects, for real.  

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