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Easy POD Mastermind Review (Rachel Rofe)

Rachel Rofe

Rachel Rofe is back again with another Print On Demand [or POD for short] opportunity. But unlike the ad of her Low-Hanging System, she didn’t introduce this new opportunity by flexing a pile of Benjamins while thug life music plays in the background. None of that cringe AFAIK. Bye bye one time payment too, hello subscription-based payment here in Easy POD Mastermind. But she gives a 14-day free trial, so everything should be just fine, right? Riiiight?

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As the name implies, Easy POD Mastermind is meant to make your life easy if you want to make POD sales. In other words, make as many sales as well as keep your sales coming for as long as possible. Also, Rachel herself calls it as the insider premium membership program, noting its subscription-based nature.

Besides payment, what makes Easy POD Mastermind different from Rachel’s flagship offer is its inclusion. First off, the Mastermind highlights its case studies and workshops. Something that gets things done, says her. Topics like selling low content books [not recommended BTW], creating automated printables, plus more every month, are discussed here.

Then, there’s access to software that’ll apparently make doing POD easier and somehow more profitable. Included here are Trademark Inspector [does what it says, checks your products to avoid someone else’s trademark], Too Easy Tags [tag ideas generator for your Etsy store], and an unnamed tool where you get five reviews to your store every month.

Finally, Easy POD Mastermind also got tactical DFY tools that you’ll get monthly. They are the members-only mockups, Hungry Buyer keyword research that shows unsaturated yet highly sought keywords, and a DFY checklists that Rachel didn’t bother to describe better. A checklist is a checklist, I s’pose.

So, depending on which sales page you end up, you either get a 14-day trial I mentioned earlier or none at all. Regardless, prices are just the same wherever. In particular, Easy POD Mastermind Monthly subscription cost $97 a month, while the annual subscription cost $997.

Now, here’s the thing. Despite having a 14-day trial, I don’t trust Easy POD Mastermind to be just fine and I have several reasons why. First of all, the course’s “30-day refund policy” is quite sketchy. Rachel is lowkey, ahem, rofe-ing [roping] her subs into agreeing to the policy.

And yes, I didn’t stutter, this really feels like getting forced to do something you don’t want. Why, she wants us to agree and accept the said policy without showing it at all. Seriously, I’ve never seen it. Not on her website, not on Easy POD Mastermind’s sales page, and not even on the checkout page. It’s nowhere to be found just like somebody’s dad who went out to buy milk.

And you know what, I don’t like that and neither should you. Just think about it. She can easily put unfair terms to prevent you from getting refunds, excuse the automatic rebill once your trial is over, or might even give consent that you’re selling your soul to the devil himself. You just never know.

Easy POD Mastermind Review

Another reason why this isn’t fine are her questionable receipts. Like, I won’t call the extremely cropped screenshot of hers as solid proof of her POD success. Not even a full screen capture! With all the sh*t you can photoshop and inspect elements today, that kind of cropped screenshots won’t cut it. I can’t say for sure that hers are fake, but there’s a high chance that it is.

In fairness to Rachel, she dropped a link to one of her stores. Issa bit sus, though. There’s no option for buyers [if there’s any] to post their product reviews, but I guess it’s still something. However, I still stand by my earlier statement. I don’t know, it seems like the figures on the real thang are not actually impressive. Like, where she gets her bag is not on POD biz itself, but on selling courses, and referring her students to her hubby’s POD software.

Ultimately, my final reason is about the business model itself. She presents it as if it’ll yield you high profit margins when it’s not. Yup, tight profit margins on a competitive space— where you’re at the mercy of someone else to fulfill your orders no less— is not a great outlook for a biz. Everything is the opposite of fine in Easy POD Mastermind, really. Just skip it.

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