Bauer’s Power Picks Review (Scott Bauer)

Scott Bauer

Scott Bauer, CEO of Prosper Trading Academy, has been promoting Bauer’s Power Picks Options Trade Alert Service (more commonly known as Bauer’s Power Picks) as a sure way to elevate your win rate with trades and gain big profits on autopilot. He claims that this is responsible for helping his program’s members hit six figures of income. Is there a truth to such a bold claim? Read this Bauer’s Power Picks Review to learn more.

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Bauer’s Power Picks is marketed to be a powerful SMS and email alerts service for traders of all levels. 8 real-time options trade alerts curated by Scott Bauer will be sent to its subscribers via email and text including entries, management, and exits. It is part of the program offered by Prosper Trading Academy that includes training in finding the best stock option to trade, anticipating the direction and movement of a stock, and taking advantage of spreads. Once you signed up for Bauer’s Power Picks, you are encouraged to undergo the full training on options volatility offered by Prosper Trading Academy.

The training program, aside from the Bauer’s Power Picks, includes the following learning materials: The Ultimate Guide to Trading Options which is a book with insights about options trading, Options Volatility Video Crash Course which is a video version of the option trading book, and The Six Figure Method which claims to reveal Scott’s secret options strategy that made him a six-figure earner. It also includes Live Options Signal Room which is basically a coaching session, and a webinar subscription where you can watch Scott himself do options trading in real-time.

Aside from options volatility course, you are also encouraged by the Academy to purchase similar courses that tackles Penny stocks, short-term options, momentum stocks, cryptocurrency, options income and long-term trading, and basic pointers on securities investment and trading.

The cost to join the program is not displayed prominently on Scott’s website but further research shows that it is at least $20,000 yearly when you avail all the courses. The cost for The Six Figure Method alone is reported to be $250  for full access of the training session (subscription fee).  Indeed, the program comes with a hefty price tag but is it worth it?

The cost to join the program alone makes it not worth it. There are a lot of inclusions in the program where you can get for free in other websites. For instance, there are a lot of in-depth tutorial videos explaining the basics of stock options trading like this video by Adam Khoo on YouTube.

The reviews on the program are also questionable at best. Sure, the trust pilot had Prosper Trading Academy regarded highly with 4.8 out of 5 stars rating but most of the reviewers are lacking credibility. Majority of reviewers have very generic profile like no displayed profile picture and using a randomly generated name. They usually only had one review on the site and some of the reviews’ content are not talking about Prosper Trading Academy at all. The mostly negative perception of people from other sites also discredits the Academy’s ratings on Trustpilot.

Bauer’s Power Picks Review

Despite their expertise and years of experience, any financial guru who claims to have the ability to always pick the winners in stock options is far from telling the truth. No one can guarantee a consistent success in trading even with using advanced trading tools like VantagePoint. You can only maximize your gains and minimize the losses. Claiming to help the program’s members to become six-figure income earner  with the program alone might be misleading at best because of this fact. On the other hand, the claim that Bauer’s Power Picks can help improve your win-rate in trades is more reasonable, but you may be better off with a free or at least a more affordable options trading course.

Scott Bauer might have the credential of a respectable financial guru. A former vice president for Goldman Sachs with 25 years of live trading experience both on the floor of Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is not something to be scoffed at. However, it is undeniable that the programs offered by his company Prosper Trading Academy is too costly especially for beginners in trading. It is much better to learn the ropes using free materials on other websites before paying a costly premium fee for something with no guaranteed success.

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