PowerHouse Brands Review (Los Silva)

Los Silva

Los Silva wants you to join him and his business partner Josh Snow [not to be confused with the man who knows nothing from GoT] in Powerhouse Brands’ Powerhouse Mastermind. Here, they’re looking for brand owners who want to double, triple, or even quadruple their ecom revenue over the next twelve months. Heck, I’ve seen Los mentioned up to 10x-ing your revenue as soon as you joined their program. Too good to be true? My thoughts about it below.

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First of all, let’s discuss what’s with Powerhouse Brands’ mastermind offer. From the program’s website, Powerhouse Mastermind is said to be a twelve months of direct, hands-on, all-access mentorship. Here, you’ll get weekly mastermind calls, four private live events [and a get together in their Orlando office], and access to their VIP Mastermind slack group and Los’ black book of contacts [connections apparently].

Now, who’s Los? Besides being the CEO of Powerhouse Brands and SVG Media, he’s also apparently a self-made entrepreneur and an advisor [read: guru] who has helped grow and scale companies in e-commerce, SAAS, real estate, and more. Yes, there’s even more… many, many more.

A lone man can’t be that much of a jack of all trades, yeah? Pretty telling that he’s one of those gurus IYKWIM. And he actually is that kind of guru, the sh*tty type that also moves on from selling one fad to another like he’s changing his undies. Then, usually, Los is also…lost. Means he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about.

He just rambles, and it shows in something that I accidentally discovered upon checking him out. What is it, it’s his lackadaisical effort on building his personal website. Looks just fine on the homepage until you peek at his about page which tells nothing about himself. Not that he’s bullsh*tting— he usually does that, but not this time— it’s just he left the page filled with placeholder texts. No backstory or anything, just lorem ipsum nonsense. “Servicing some of the biggest e-commerce players” muh ass.

You know what, I gotta say that he’s lucky authorities are not tailing his ass unlike his business partner Josh who has a class-action lawsuit filed against him and his product. It’s the exact same product they’re flexing on the mastermind to show they’re actual nine-figure brand owners. Josh might be one, but I won’t call that feat impressive when the supposedly nine-figure biz is built on lies and deception.

Here’s some ‘splaining for y’all: Ironically, Josh’s Snow Teeth Whitening product won’t really make you smile. Why, it’s because one, they lied about its FDA approval [they say it’s approved when it’s not]; two, they lied about its efficacy [its formula is not proprietary, it’s not faster than typical whitening strips, and it’s not any different than similar, much cheaper products]; and three, they deceived their customers into thinking that the product is somehow a protection against COVID-19.

PowerHouse Brands Review

T’is a different kind of greed and lack of human decency because dude is unfairly profiting off the pandemic. Millions earned from fraud as he also employs famous HOF athletes such as Chuck Liddell, Floyd Mayweather, and Gronk. Just like Curry and Brady in FTX, amirite? And yes, this is why you shouldn’t automatically trust these fellas in sports. They’d be always making dumb decisions in terms of what to promote as if they got CTE.

Regardless, this sh*tstorm is actually enough to make me not recommend Powerhouse Brands’ Powerhouse Mastermind. No way I’ll suggest that you learn from a certified fraudster. And it’s not just Josh who’s bad bad, but also Los as well. Both are the types that you should avoid like a plague. Don’t fall for their BS, don’t waste your money on some expensive lesson on how not to be a sucker.

Again, Los hasn’t had any lawsuit yet, but his actions are surely worthy of such. He’s really one of ‘em scummy gurus that over promise and under deliver. He’s always bouncing from one failed deal to another while still cashing ‘em checks, and I hate it… I hate them, Los and Josh, and their Powerhouse Brands’ mastermind offer that presumably costs up to $30k. As expected, this is all too good to be true.

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