Agent Launch Review (Eric B. Preston)

Eric B. Preston

Eric B. Preston, besides being a typical dude that loves travel, golf, hockey, and food, is also the founder and CEO of Agent Launch. Here, he and his team helps real estate agents build their very own scalable client acquisition systems. Yup, it’s all yours, and Eric emphasizes it by saying that “your client acquisition becomes an asset you own, rather than rent.” Want more info about his Agent Launch’s offer? Dontcha worry, I got you covered. Just scroll below.

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In building you your own systems, Agent Launch is effectively cutting the middleman like Zillow and Realtor dot com in your own lead generation. Nobody wants a middleman if they can get away with it, that’s the point. Especially not the ones in real estate who’s sharing leads to everybody. Ideally, you want those leads exclusive to you, and not shared with anyone else.

Also, they’d like to point out that the said lead generation is just one part of acquiring clients online. Besides lead gen, there’s also the nurture part, and you have to do both. Which means you need to have a remote ISA and content strategy on top of processes that get you leads. One or the other alone would never be enough.

But fret not, Agent Launch being the self-proclaimed one-stop-shop  program got your back. They have what you need from A to Z, from lead generation, systems and automation, recruiting and training ISA, team building, sales training, YouTube and video strategy, video editing, all of it.

“What makes us unique is that we cover every element of acquiring real estate clients online,” says Eric. He also mentions how they’ll take care of all the heavy lifting, especially on the technical side. “Our motto is literally ‘don’t sweat the tech, we got you,” he adds. Pretty normal to see all of this here, I think.

Here’s where it gets odd. Googling Eric and his Agent Launch program would give you unusual search results. If you’ve scroll long enough, you’ll see f*ck ton of suspicious “untitled” links with weird ass URLs, at least fifty six of them if I counted right. From the looks of it, issa kind of trap. Despite that, my curiosity got the better of me, so I clicked one of ‘em. I mean, what could go wrong?

Everything… everything could go wrong real quick. Seriously, do NOT click any of those links if you ever saw one, or you’ll be like me desperate for some eyebleach to unsee that mess of a website. I mean, some might appreciate ‘em big bare titties, but I don’t, not when I least expect it. Don’t want any of ‘em viruses too, so, NO, thank you.

Dontcha worry, though. I already learned my lesson, and all the remaining links would stay blue forever. What I’m still trying to learn is the reason why those links are there in the first place. The placing seems deliberate with all the real estate agent tags to trick Google on putting it under Eric and Agent Launch’s search results. They’re showing some assets, but I’m certain it’s not real estate or anything that’s related to him or his program.

Agent Launch Review

Can’t confirm this, but my guess would be this has something to do with Eric himself. I think he’s trying to hide his affiliation with EXP Realty and its Agent Wealth Growth (AWG) offer that I only found after lots of scrolling. All the trouble to rank those virus sites to cover it up because he’s probably not allowed to completely scrap AWG’s. And you know what, I see why he wants nothing to do with it. The program has been really, really terrible on both their clients and agents, and unfiltered reviews spill it.

The biggest problem here is that not only is Eric part of EXP Realty’s AWG, AWG is also very similar to his current program. Means there’s the implication of him putting yet another overpriced trash (if same with AWG pricing, Agent Launch would cost you up to freakin’ $25k).

Mind you, this is quite reasonable to assume given that he’s a major actor in AWG, writing its copy and all. I say this because I spotted an oddly phrased “real estate transaction hamster wheel” there that he also mentions in Agent Launch’s site. Coincidence? I think not. That said, I’m not recommending Agent Launch. Until he definitively proves that he’s over with his AWG stint (and Agent Launch is nothing like it) instead of just sweeping everything under the rug, I won’t change my mind.

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