Prime My Body (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

There are a lot of uses that you can get out of hemp. From the use of its buds as a recreational drug to fibers of its stalks as a woven cloth, it seems like you can do a lot with just a simple plant. In recent years, a lot of wellness companies have started using hemp seed oil and CBD oil—which is a chemical extracted from the cannabis plant and diluted to an oil like hemp seed oil—in their products. The legalization of recreational marijuana in a lot of places in the United States also had a large part in the attention that CBD oil is getting. Since a lot of multi-level marketing companies exist in the health and wellness industry, it’s no surprise that there have already been using hemp seed oil in their products.

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One of the founders of Prime My Body has had some experience in the world of multi-level marketing. Paul Rogers, who co-founded Prime My Body and serves as the company’s chief executive officer, was also the CEO of CieAura. Now, CieAura was health and wellness-related MLM company which used to sell armbands with holographic chips in them that would somehow “tune” your body. It’s basically vibes. That company ran from 2009 until 2016. It seems like the closing of CieAura led to the launch of Prime My Body in 2017. Paul co-founded the company along with Brian Cummings, who serves as the company’s chief marketing officer.

Most of the products that Prime My Body produces and sells are derived from different botanical plants and hemp. It ranges from gummies that help you sleep better to serums that make you more focused. There are certain chemicals in hemp (Cannabis sativa) that help calm you down. A lot of recreational drug users typically choose products from this strain of cannabis if they want a more mellow feel. What’s weird about Prime My Body’s website is that there aren’t really products showing up when you hover your mouse pointer over the “Essentials,” “Nutritionals,” and “Skin Care” tabs. Some of the products are shown on the homepage. But it’s kind of weird that you can’t check if there are more products under certain categories.

It doesn’t seem like Prime My Body’s affiliate program is available in a lot of countries. And that makes sense, I guess? The affiliate program is mainly available in the United States. There are a few more but the U.S. is a bit more common. It costs an annual fee of $39 to be a member of Prime My Body’s affiliate program. You also have to buy product packs which costs at least $199 to $1,071. The main difference, really, is how products you can get.

Like a lot of multi-level marketing companies, your success in them depends highly on how much of the product you sell and how many people you can recruit. You do get commissions for every retail product you sell. But “continuous growth” in the company requires you and any of the people you’ve recruited to maintain a certain monthly quota in order to keep or upgrade your rank. The higher the tier, the higher the quotas. You also have also maintain a retail customer base aside from your personal recruits.

Nobody really said that going into an multi-level marketing scheme is easy. You do have an opportunity to earn an income. But you have to put in the work. The thing you have to consider though is that you are at a disadvantage when you are at the bottom level of the structure. As long as new people keep coming into the structure, the company can keep going. A lot of these companies hinge on a constant revenue stream. I mean most businesses do need to earn revenue. But a lot of companies in this industry don’t really this kind of structure.

I don’t recommend multi-level marketing schemes to anybody. There’s just something the structure of it all that feels unfair. Not all of the people who join MLMs achieve success in them. A lot of them actually lose money from it. There’s just so many risks involved in it. While it’s good to sometimes take risks, I don’t think that this is what you should risk on. You probably have a better chance starting a small business because you’re actually doing that business in your terms.

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