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Printable Profits Review (Dave Kettner)

Dave Kettner

Dave Kettner claims that you can earn $11,453 a month by printing on demand and being a “Mugpreneur.” Specifically, he assures that his Printable Profits program is your roadmap to a six figure income even if you fail 98% of the time. Is selling mugs and printable items actually a viable business model? Read this Printable Profits review to learn the truth.

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Printable Profits is an online training program that covers topics on how to make money online through dropshipping and printing on demand. Basically, the business model it offers is a form of dropshipping where you sell items with printable design via online selling platforms such as Etsy and Amazon. Since it is a dropshipping biz, you do not have inventory in your store. Instead, you will outsource the manufacturing and printing requirement on a third-party suppliers. It was found by Dave Kettner and is sold on Anik Singal’s Lurn, an educational platform that aims to provide training courses to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The training comes in an 8-module video course that is over 16 hours of content. Basically, it discusses how to find design ideas that will sell, how to turn the said ideas into printable designs in under 5 minutes through Icon E-com, and sell items with the said designs. The modules titled according to their main subject are as follows: Module 1: Identifying Designs that Sell; Module 2: Making Your Own Design; Module 3: Creating Your Dropshipping Products; Module 4: Creating Etsy Products; Module 5: Etsy Growth and Optimization; Module 6: Expanding into New Markets; Module 7: Amazon Private Label Expansion; and Module 8: Taking your Company to the Next Level.

The program also provides lifetime access to an exclusive Facebook community and Icon E-Com VIP Treatment which is partnership with a leading manufacturer of printable designs. To add, there are 6 bonuses included such as 1000 done for you (DFY) design templates, 40 hours of virtual assistant service, white glove coaching and support, access to recorded videos of Dave Kettner answering questions of other students, course on business consultation and setup, and Hidden Gems monthly report which shows data on what designs are trending for the month. According to their site, all the program inclusions is valued at $20,976 but only retails for 4 easy payments of $397 ($1,588 payment in total).

Printable Profits Review

To be fair, the course is on par with the usual price of dropshipping courses. It is even cheaper by at least $439 than Peter Pru’s Ecommerce Empire Builders course which I recommend for those interested in learning the ins and outs of dropshipping. However, it is still not ideal to pay a huge sum of money on Dave’s program since it does not offer any refunds at all. I also do not like the immediate upsell of 250x Profit Generator course for $147 which discusses different niche to explore for print on demand industry.

To add, dropshipping is not a business model for everyone. The profit of margin is usually low, so it is not recommended for people who cannot handle a sales volume-intensive business. This is also not for people who wants full control on the quality of their products since you are outsourcing only from a third-party suppliers. In relation to quality control, product returns is also common in this industry at about 25%. Ultimately, the low barrier of entry to dropshipping means an overwhelming amount of competition. If you do not intend to pay for advertising (which is understandable because it can be quite expensive), it will be challenging to stand-out among the rest of sellers and establish your brand.

To conclude, David Lettner and his Printable Profits program is not a scam. In fact, the business can be viable if you can sell at a high volume. There is also a free workshop that you can watch to basically “get your feet wet” and see the overview of the program. However, I still do not endorse this business model since there are alternatives wherein it does not require you to incur a huge payment upfront and sell thousands of products (even a single sale is not guaranteed, by the way) to earn a decent profit. I also cannot recommend paying a huge sum of money on Dave’s course without any money back guarantee.

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