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Producer Michael Net Worth

There’s just a lot of people I don’t seem to recognize. Apparently, there are so many people who are famous at what they do. I just don’t know about them yet. I guess my metric of a person being well-known is if there are articles written about them in major publications and news sites. Or at the very least, a website like TMZ knows them. I’m not going to be able to remember them after I have written this post about them. There’s just no way I’ll remember these people.

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I didn’t really know much about Michael Blakey before all of this. Getting tasked to write about somebody who goes by “Producer Michael” confused me a bit. Who in their right mind would call themselves Producer Michael? There’s probably a lot of producers in television and film who are named Michael. So it didn’t really narrow it down to a specific producer named Michael. But a quick Google search of Producer Michael just lead me to Michael Blakey. Huh. That was fast. Even by the name, I still wasn’t that familiar with his work.

So I tried to find out what I can. There weren’t really any articles written about him by major online publications. Some of the results that I got using his name were about some guy in the U.K. named Michael Blakey who got murdered. And another British person named Michael Robert Blakey who somehow has his own page on Wikipedia even though it’s just a paragraph? The main thing that Producer Michael has is an IMDB page. And that’s pretty much enough for me.

Looking at his credits, it seems that Producer Michael mostly served as a music producer for a bunch of projects. Some of which I am vaguely familiar with, namely the Billboard Music Awards and the MTV Movie Awards. Just those two awards shows in general but not the specific iteration that he was a part of. His love for music started during his childhood. Eventually, he went on to study music in college.

When he was 19, he had gotten a job working as a producer at Hansa Studios in Berlin. He seems to have produced a lot of songs for different musical artists in Europe. In the early 1990s, he worked for Atico Records as the head of A&R, which stands for artists and repertoire. He later went on to found three different product companies including Platinum Productions and 2KSounds. Virgin Records partnered with 2KSounds which lead to Michael to become president of the record division there.

Producer Michael was pretty working in both the music and entertainment industries. He also founded Electra Star Management, a hybrid production company and talent agency. Looking at the projects that Electra Star Management has done, it doesn’t seem like it’s the type of stuff you’d see on Netflix. The people that they manage don’t seem to ring that many bells. I guess Billy Bob Thornton is still relatively well-known?

Aside from his many companies within the music and entertainment industries, Producer Michael also started his own luxury boutique. The name of the company? That’s right. Producer Michael. Looking at the items that they sell, you definitely need to a celebrity or just relatively rich in California to buy it. There’s not a lot of jewelry that they sell. It seems that most of the items are mostly masculine. The stuff that they definitely caters to a certain that likes the sorts of designs that they sell.

Unsurprisingly, Michael also has his own YouTube channel. It’s pretty much just him showing off all of the stuff that he has. It makes sense. People like seeing what rich people have. And for somebody who has a net worth of $100,000,000, he has every right to flaunt his wealth. Personally, I’m not that into that kind of stuff. But somebody who has 1.4 million subscribers and get tens of thousands of views on his videos, he probably doesn’t care if I don’t watch his videos.

It’s great that he has managed to live out his dream. Not everybody gets to do that. He does what he loves, which is music. And he managed to make a name for himself in the industry, even though I haven’t really heard of him until now.

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