The Productized Profits System Review (Lucas Lee-Tyson)

Lucas Lee-Tyson

The Productized Profits System is Lucas Lee-Tyson’s flagship course on digital marketing. According to Lucas, you can escape your 9-5 job through his course even as a complete beginner on marketing and sales. I am already skeptical since I think we all know how hard it is normally to close deals. Personal bias, maybe? Well, read this review below to know why I had my doubts.

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I’ll list down the ins and outs of his course. You’ll probably wonder why I should do that when you could’ve checked the course’ site by yourself. Actually, I’m doing you a HUGE favor. I don’t want you to be a victim of “impulse buy now, buyer’s remorse later” when browsing his site. Wondering if you’ll miss out a discount if you don’t act right away? No, it’s not true that the cost will balloon up to $6k when the timer’s up in the sales page. What about the appealing value listed on the courses’ contents? It isn’t what you think it is – basically, it’s just a misleading markup. No one’s selling something worth $50k for only $1,497. As the old saying goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Without further ado, here’s what you can expect from the program minus the hype words: Seven modules of core training, twice a week live coaching calls, membership to an exclusive Facebook group, and access to Clientbolt Automation software suite, ad templates, and 8 web class bonuses. Apparently, it also has this “Ironclad $5,000 Profit Guarantee (or your money back within 60 days)” refund policy which I’ll call early as BS. Check the course’s terms and conditions and you’ll see why (you could also check my other review on Lucas here). In reality, it’s an “all questions asked” policy for only thirty days. Worst, Lucas has a reputation of either stalling the refund process or ignoring your request until the refund is not applicable anymore.

Going back to the core training, I would like to list the title of the modules. The title is very descriptive of its contents so it might be of your interest, but I hope it won’t for several reasons I’ll discuss later. Anyway, the module’s titles are as follows: Fundamentals and Foundations, Carving Out Your Niche and Irresistible Offer, Your Automated Client Attraction Machine, The Science of Sales and Client Conversion, “Copy and Paste” Lead Generation Advertising, Running Wildly Profitable Digital Ad Campaigns, and Systems and Scaling your Productized Income. In summary, it is a curriculum on digital marketing that is focused on closing deals and getting leads through email marketing and Facebook ads.

The Productized Profits System Review

Well, the first reason why I hope you don’t find this interesting is its terrible price-to-value ratio. In layman’s term, it is the opposite of being “bang for the buck.” Imagine buying a used Toyota Hilux with a brand-new Lamborghini Aventador price – that’s the feeling when you pay a grand and a half for this course. In fact, its contents are regarded in non-biased forums as something you could’ve search by yourself on Google. There are also rumblings on its email marketing lessons being outdated. Quite frankly, a hundred bucks or two is the fairer price for this course.

Another reason is its focus on Facebook ads. This is the hill I’m willing to die on – that I’ll never recommend touching Facebook ads with a ten-foot pole. It is unpredictable as ever in terms of algorithm and cost. Speaking of cost, the pandemic made it even worst in terms of CPM. No need to be threatened by a fancy abbreviation, it just means that you have to pay more and more to keep up with the fierce competition. Competition, as in, other individuals and/or institutions who might want to post a similar ad to yours. You are not as unique as you think so you’ll encounter a lot of them that competes with your ads. More competition means higher cost that increase through time. Worst case scenario is if you fall victim to Facebook’s automated review. Those A.I. aren’t ready to take over the world yet since they’re not doing well in reviews – they’re just too strict and not effective as Facebook’s Ban Hammer. One unlucky day and your account could be banned without you violating rules. All the effort, time, and money invested in the said account will be wasted and gone forever.

Overall, I do not recommend Lucas’ Productized Profits System course. It is overpriced and used a method (Facebook ads) that I personally can’t recommend.  You’re better off finding another course or program with much superior business model that doesn’t involve increasing ad costs to keep up and get leads. Something where clients come to you instead.

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