Agency Profits Review (Nick Tan)

Nick Tan

Nick Tan shared how happy he is for spending more time playing golf. It’s not just a fun hobby to him, but a way to build his network with seven to eight figures business owners. “And if there’s something I’ve learned these past few years is to listen to those who have already achieved what you want to achieve,” he continues. Conveniently, he concludes the post by asking everyone to slide into his dms for more info about his very own Agency Profits mentorship.

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Obviously, there’s no need to send him “GOLF” or whatever code he decides to put in near the end of his post to know the opportunity. Turns out, Agency Profits is all about teaching you how to build a Social Media Marketing Agency or SMMA for short. And let me tell you, it’s not really that obvious from the course’s site. Instead of flexing SMMA as a business model itself, what I see first is a barrage of promises to break ya out of the 9-5 grind. Escape the corporate lifestyle. Stop being stuck on trading time for money. Yada yada yada.

He sounds like he’s goddamn tired with the 9-5 job himself. Like years of being a 9-5’er kind of tired. But nope, that’s not really the case. Checking out his LinkedIn account, I found out that he started Agency Profits in the same year he graduated from Haskayne School of Business. I do get the burn out regardless of how short your 9-5 experience is, but it’s just ridiculous that his few months working a tech job turn him into some kind of merciful savior that helps “trapped” corporate employees. Whatever narrative sells like pancakes, I guess?

Anyhow, let’s talk about Agency Profits. Just like Iman Gadzhi, he chose to advise his students to not be a “jack of all trades” and instead be a master of one service. If you like the idea of offering your expertise on setting up Facebook ads, then you stick to offering Facebook ads. If it’s LinkedIn lead gen, then it’s ONLY LinkedIn lead gen. Something like that. Working with a single niche like this, as Nick implies, would ensure a quality service that sells and most importantly, retains clients. Just like in a serious relationship, you court ‘em first, but getting the sweet yes isn’t the only goal. You better make ‘em stay too. Get it?

And unlike traditional agencies, the agency you’ll be getting from Agency Profits requires zero employees… Well,  I don’t think he won’t stop you from outsourcing and all (spoiler alert, he really won’t) to make his so-called semi passive income model into a passive one. It’s just convenient for those who are just starting out to not worry about managing other people and instead, start raking in cash semi-passively alone. They say no man (or woman, let’s be gender neutral here) is an island, but not with Nick’s Agency Profits.

Basically, you’ll be the bridge of local businesses as a SMMA. What you’ll do is connect the said businesses to their customers. Getting customers is their problem, and you’ll come in and solve that problem. And the more money you generate for them means more money they’re willing to hand out to you.

Agency Profits Review

To learn how to do this, you’ll get the following upon signing up for Agency Profits: Personal coaching twice a week, unlimited one-on-one calls, word for word scripts for getting clients, and proven systems that deliver instant results for your clients. All of that for what price of Agency Profits? Well, Agency Profits would probably cost around $3k.

If you ask me, I’m not really impressed with Nick and the way he presented his sh*t. If his site is full of stories on how 9-5 sucks, then expect more on his free training video slash sales pitch that plays before you can book a call. He’s even joking about being a guru, spelling it out as “gooroo” too to playfully mock it or whatever. But he actually IS a guru in a bad way. Y’know, 95% bullsh*tting with income and laptop lifestyle claims while the remaining 5% is a very vague description of the business opportunity. Wasted my hour for nothing but nonsense, ack.

Thus, I don’t recommend Nick’s Agency Profits. If he didn’t updated his business model, I also won’t pay him a (nick)el for telling me to just get a client like it’s a piece of cake (it’s not), and let the white label agencies, aka the ghostwriters of marketing, do the SMMA job for ya. I think a lot would appreciate learning SMMA themselves just as you promise, Nick. Zero employees, remember? Probably not.

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