The Affiliate Ecommerce Store Program Review (Tai Lopez)

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Tai Lopez is that typical guru you’ll always see who frequently uses lifestyle marketing to promote his online programs. This means that you’ll get to see him showing off things like him eating out at fancy restaurants, taking vacations in different places, driving expensive cars, or just simply him chilling in a swimming pool inside what he claims is his own home. He then will say at some point that, you can also achieve the level of wealth that he has, and today, it’s possible if you decided to be his business partner. He may have a good reputation to many, but is his offer worth it? Let’s check it out in this review.

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Tai Lopez’s latest program wants you to partner with him in eCommerce, potentially letting you earn around $2,500 to $25,000 a month. And all you have to do is just copy-paste his so-called “formula, and the rest will be up to him. Because he believes that today, it’s all about connecting with the right people who can be a mentor to you and teach you the right things. You also need to build a strong online presence. It’s also a good idea to have at least one income stream that involves physical products. And the reason for this thinking is because, with it, you’ll have an edge over the crowd.

Because here’s the thing. Right now, various eCommerce stores rely on selling digital products, like online courses, eBooks, audiobooks, anything digital. The reason for this is that’s it’s very easy to set up, market, and they have low overhead, yet still have the potential for huge earnings. But according to Tai Lopez, that’s where the problem lies. Everyone is enticed to duplicate the same business model, with more or less the same type of products to sell. And can we blame them? After all, if a moneymaking method has maximum gains with minimum risk, of course, you’re going to do it. Unfortunately, so will everyone else.

The very low barrier of entry also means that everyone else will also get into the business. As this to yourself. If all you had to do was create a free Instagram account and post motivational quotes, or create several videos on YouTube, to become an influencer for example, how hard is it for someone to come in and copy you? Not so hard, right? Many people will also be doing it, creating intense competition. So what makes Tai Lopez stand out with his methods? He’s set a moat, a level of difficulty that protects you from all the potential competitors leeching off the profits from his business.

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So what exactly is his “moat,” then. Ever notice that he’s been buying up all these big retail brands and talking about farms and doing all this complicated stuff all of a sudden? Well, that’s his moat. He’s planning on making big money for a long time, most like even past his own prime. According to Tai, there’s nothing worse than tasting wealth and then losing it. It’ll haunt you for the rest of your life. And while it seems that it’s not connected to Tai Lopez’s Affiliate Ecommerce Store program, it actually is. And it’s a very important element.

As Tai explains it, physical products are hard. “They’re hard to sell online. I have warehouses all over the United States right now, okay? That’s hard. But I like hard. And you should start to like hard. But, at the same time, maybe it doesn’t have to be hard for you. ‘Member how I said if you attach to the right people? What if you attach to the right person who’s already shipping physical products? See what I’m sayin’? So what I have here is super early, super hard, it’s online, but someone else does the hard stuff for you.”

He then pitches you his program. “So here’s the deal. I’m launching a beta program. Very simple. We’ll build you a clone of one of our brands, okay? Home Goods, Pier 1, Dressbarn, I’ll give you a choice. So you’re gonna start out with a lot of SKUs. Number two, my team will help you fulfill it. The manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, stuff like that. And then number three, I’m gonna give you the education. Your job is to bring customers to your own personal ecom store. That’s it. Believe me, this is a gift. It’ll help you more than it’ll help us.”

So the catch? Tai says that he’s not going to charge you for all of these. He’s not going to charge you for his services and even education. It’s all for free. All he’s ever going to charge, are any external fees that you may need to start your eCom business. Could be for hosting, funnels, paid ads, etc. But it’s actually pretty vague, so to know more, you can book a call with his team. Tai also notes that you own these customers, Tai says. You can build relationships with them, turn them into repeat buyers, and get them to refer other people. While Tai Lopez is a pretty legitimate guy for me, his offer’s a bit muddy, so I suggest that you tread a bit carefully.

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