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Project Pioneer Review (Connor Shelefontiuk)

Connor Shelefontiuk

Connor Shelefontiuk seems to have abandoned his Instagram account with decent numbers. Instead, he turned his attention recently on making his name known, or at least trying to, on Twitter. It’s understandable since he’s been cooking up an upcoming NFT project launching soon. If you’re not familiar, the crypto bros and so-called degens who’ll be interested in paying for such are usually on the bird app. What happened to his Project Pioneer course, then? Scroll below to know why he “dropped” his dropshipping course.

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Compared to his Insta, his Twitter numbers are lowkey pathetic. “Higher following count than the follower” type of pathetic, to be exact. And also, it’s just an eyesore to see him making threads left and right without any single hit tweet yet. It could be much better in the future, to be fair. He just started tweeting this 2022 so it is what it is for now.

Why am I talking about his Twitter account, you might ask? Well, I’ve seen some tweets that are related to his Project Pioneer dropshipping course. Latter tweets will also spill the tea about what happened to the said course and why the links to it from his linktree are dead.

To start, related tweet number one is name dropping Elon Musk once again, just like in the ad of Project Pioneer, and saying “$3 says @elonmusk makes Dogecoin the currency of the new Twitter.” Funny that this tweet is less ridiculous than what he said about Elon before. That he’s a janitor that turned his life around when Elon Musk, of all people, handed him an idea for an online biz. And then everyone clapped….

Second,his first tweet of “Remember, character has defeated talent in the long run 100% of the time” reminds me of another narrative in his ad. This is him claiming that he had the talent for the NFL but not the discipline and work ethics to improve his game and get considered by scouts. He called himself a gaming addict and not a gym rat nor a lunch pail type of guy for a reason.

Third are some of his replies suggesting that he experienced significant losses on his dropshipping endeavor. For example, here’s one of his reply on a tweet saying that sh*tty money management will make a lot of entrepreneurs broke sooner rather than later.

“Wish I learned this 5 years ago 😂😂😂 amazing how you can be great at money but terrible at keeping it. One step of growth at a time.”

He also disagreed on a tweet saying that you don’t need to focus solely on eCom to make it work. He dropped out of college for this, that’s probably why. In the course of explaining his side, he managed to hint at his failure on dropshipping. Some unexpected truth bomb too on dropshipping being unsustainable. Specifically, he posted the following reply:

“You absolutely can do both – but when time is your most valuable asset, why would you waste it doing something that isn’t going to bring you any value in the long run? I made the mistake early of chasing two paths at the same time and it bit me in the ass hard, time reveals all.”

Project Pioneer Review

Most importantly, he mentions that he had a similar f*ckup like the guy who lost his startup because of too much dependence on Facebook. Mind you, one of the modules of his Project Pioneer course is all about setting up Facebook ad campaigns. At least two of the nine-module course also have topics that’s directly related to Facebook ads (e.g. how to scale your dropshipping biz by ad scaling). Coincidence? I think not. Anyway, here’s his word-for-word reply:

“Went through a similar experience last year – nowhere near the same scale, but an interesting feeling to see how much you learn from a ‘negative’ scenario that paves the path for something bigger if you reflect on it honestly with yourself.”

I won’t mention the other replies of his but it’s all dropping hints that his course is not worthy of selling anymore. If he failed somewhat miserably using the methods in his course, the only right thing to do is either update it or  pull it out of the market to not hurt other pockets anymore. 

He did the latter and for that, I have some respect for him. Yes, my standards are set to hell, but you can’t blame me after reviewing hundreds of courses. Knowing so many gurus who’ll sell anything just for the sake of cashing checks for themselves will do that to ya, I guess. But obviously, I won’t recommend his already non-existent course. Dropshipping combined with Facebook ads is usually just a disaster waiting to happen, anyway.

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