Rona Proof Review (Tony The Closer)

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Tony “The Closer” Robinson got his name because, despite having zero experience in sales back then, he’s been able to obtain a lot of sales during his time as an entrepreneur. And this is best demonstrated during his former job as a car dealer. According to his own account, he’s able to sell a total of 23 cars in his first month, while an average salesperson was doing only 7 cars. He’s able to do this because whenever he did any business, he’s putting his all into it. And that’s what made him pretty successful in his business ventures. However, initially, he isn’t even like this.

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His goal before was to get into the NFL. He was very eager to get into it that he started a YouTube channel, where he recorded himself working out. One of his friends assisted him with making a highlight reel, which he sent to as many pro football contacts as possible. His efforts paid off. He was asked to tryout, and he was able to make the team. Unfortunately, he gets cut early. He decided to go overseas to play semi-pro football, but then he injures his foot. He finally decided to give up on the dream and retired.

Which then led him to his job of being a car dealer, which I stated earlier. I also stated earlier that the reason he’s doing so many sales is that he’s always giving it all in the business, right? That’s because while working there, he learned all there was to know about the biz. He was straight-up with people. He listened to them attentively. He empathized with them, putting himself in their shoes so as to get a better understanding of their needs. And of course, his NFL backstory didn’t hurt. Due to this, Tony was selling cars left and right, making decent money. Life was good for him. Until it wasn’t.

A gambling problem and a string of bad decisions sent him to jail for a couple of months. And just like that, he had hit rock bottom. He was dead broke. Thankfully, all is not lost. When he got out, he went to counseling and worked on himself. Thankfully, he still has the winning mentality, creativity, hustle, and sales skills that he acquired during his time as a car salesman. But he decided to not go back to that industry anymore. And that’s where he got started in the real estate industry, which, for him, seemed more like a lucrative business venture for him.

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And it did for him. Three months later he had already been making six figures as a real estate investor. Fast forward to today. Tony’s done thousands of wholesales, making himself millions in the process. However, he then realized that, since we’re in a pandemic, people would surely be looking for a good method to make money even during these trying times. With plenty of people losing their jobs because industries are closing down, they’re also losing options. So he decided now was the time to help others find financial freedom through real estate. And this is how he came up with his training program, the Rona Proof Masterclass.

The Rona Proof Masterclass is a course that will teach you about real estate investing. It is composed of 10 modules, and will walk you through the entire process of getting a sale. The modules are designed to be completed consecutively to get a better learning experience. Contrary to what you may think, “Rona” is not the name of a person. Instead, it’s a shortened version of Corona, as in he’s talking about the virus, the one which caused the COVID-19, and how his wholesaling business is pandemic-proof (which is a strong claim). This online course claims to offer plenty of advantages for its students, like generating new wholesale opportunities, creating the “frenzy effect”, mastering the art of closing, learning how to have the competitive advantage, and exploding your sales.

How much does the Rona Proof course cost? It’s $2,497 or five monthly payments of $697. However, if you do the multiple payment plan, you’ll miss out on some of its bonuses. This includes Tony’s Proven Phone System course, or two free tickets to his $100K Club Tour. Also, he doesn’t offer any refunds to this course. Tony may have some red flags as well during his time as a businessman, like one time when he was sued for not paying the prize money of a sweepstakes event he held. But I do think he’s still somewhat legitimate. But before you enroll in any paid course about real estate investing, ask yourself this question: Is this a worthwhile venture? Or it might be better to stick to free courses instead?

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