One Property Away Masterclass Review (Clifford Walker)

Clifford Walker

Clifford Walker surely knows how to tell he’s from Dallas without actually telling he’s from Dallas. Why, he’s calling himself “The Cowboy Closer” while donning the iconic cowboy hat most of the time, if not always. He didn’t welcome us in his One Property Away Masterclass website with some hearty yee-haw, though. He writes woodoggie instead, a subtle nod to his black heritage. Gotta flex all ‘em culture that moulds his identity, I guess.

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I’m quite surprised that he didn’t seem to be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, the football team that’s within his area. It just makes sense for him to be one. He’s one proud mofo, so I expected him to rep his state’s most valuable sports franchise, the so-called America’s Team.

But nah, dude’s not showing any love to football or any other sports really besides golf. What they say, different strokes for different folks. Afterall, what he has going is perfectly fine if he don’t want to hear me talk sh*t as a Niners fan. Because y’know, before f*ck the Toots, it’s f*ck the Cowboys first.

Speaking of what he has going for himself, dude started out as a long haul truck driver. Only invested bit by bit on real estate after realizing how he’s missing out on lots of once in a lifetime moments with his fam. In just a few short years, the baby steps he took at the beginning paid off as he was able to stop his reliance on his 9-5 job for money.

Which means he’s able to secure himself a real estate portfolio that passively supports his lifestyle, his children’s college fund, and his future retirement. He feels blessed everyday that this is his reality now. And as a self-professed philanthropist, he wants to give back by showing others how he has done it in the real estate space.

Obviously, offering One Property Away Masterclass is one of his attempts to give back. Here, he’ll show the same methods he used to get started in real estate, along with the ones he’s still using today as he continues to build his portfolio. It’s a testament on how you’re one property away from generational wealth.

Oh, and BTW, it’s a four-day live masterclass that tackles various real estate strategies. Specifically, the strategies that’ll be discussed here are wholesaling, fix and flips, house hacking, short term rentals, and the BRRRR method which stands for buy, renovate, rent, refinance, and repeat.

In addition, relevant topics like how to get funding (OPM), how to fix bad credit, how to use the Golden Formula, how to do marketing to get deals, and how to think with an abundance mindset are also discussed by Clifford here. If you need more support or just an online place to hang out, the masterclass also has a private Facebook community for ya.

With how there’s too many talking points here yet too little time to discuss everything thoroughly, expect this masterclass to be more like an overview for beginners rather than an in-depth course for seasoned investors. Just putting it out there if y’all didn’t notice the few “how to get started” texts on the masterclass’ website that implies that this is indeed made for beginners.

One Property Away Masterclass Review

With that said, what’s the price of One Property Away Masterclass, then?  Well, One Property Away Masterclass cost $17. Affordable, although I’m not particularly blown away by the price myself. It’s not really a bargain, bang for the buck deal. Just a fair, appropriately priced deal where you get what you pay for.

And what you get is some advice from a cowboy cosplaying dude without much social proof to prove he’s the real deal. Can’t even set up his acquisitions company’s profile properly on LinkedIn. Also, t’is the same dude who oddly can’t keep most of his websites up and running. Like, why would he leave it like that? Seems very unprofessional.

Ultimately, the masterclass is just all over the place. A bit messy with all the different strategies squished into one training. I’d rather choose something that sticks to one main topic for courses this cheap, or better yet, I’ll look for a free alternative first. Why pay when Clifford doesn’t give much thought on organizing his thang better?

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