The Prosperity Warrior Review (Marc Wilson)

Marc Wilson

Marc Wilson, the brand ambassador of The Prosperity Warrior, had struggles with retirement before. He did not know what to do next after retiring as an U.S. army. He tried a real estate job, but it is not fulfilling and financially rewarding as his previous job. The future is grim for Marc but not until he discovers The Prosperity Warrior program. According to him, he is earning six-figure income every month through the program while spending most of his time fishing, relaxing, and in general just living his best (retirement) life. He claims to be a seven-figure financial coach now for the program.

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This is the reason for The Prosperity Warrior review. Sure, a story of someone finding their purpose in life again while gaining financial freedom is very inspirational. After all, a lot of people can relate to the stress and anxiety brought by retirement. However, being moved by an inspiring story is not a reason to not do your proper research first before investing on a program or business.

The Prosperity Warrior is an affiliate program that redirects you to a high-ticket program called the Marketing Blueprint. The program does not explicitly display the idea of joining Marketing Blueprint for a reason. They first subject their customers to a lot of webinars, inspirational stories and testimonials from Marc himself and other agents who are already in the program, and a very persuasive conversation through a phone call with some of the program’s coaches to create a sense of urgency and hype to join the Marketing Blueprint immediately.

The mentioned sense of urgency and hype and their 48 hour action taker bonus is very much needed for a program with a steep entry cost. There are four packages offered within the program which can be upgraded for free if you avail the mentioned 48 hour action taker bonus, starting with gold level at $3,247, platinum level at $7447, diamond level at $14,647, and royal level at $21,847. With each package comes various training materials about organizational and mindset training, email marketing, and internet security. There are also a variety of Private Label Rights (PLR) products included that you are supposed to sell. The program also grants commissions for successful Marketing Blueprint referrals depending on the level of package you have purchased. The commission rates are $1500 for gold level, $3500 at platinum level, $7000 at diamond level, and $10,500 at royal level.

PLR products are a customized version of a pre-existing content and materials that is altered enough to be published and sold as its own entity and separate from the pre-existing one. Such products are usually outdated, dirt cheap and not marketable at all. If you still want to own one, you are better off purchasing from a PLR merchant without the ridiculous fees on The Prosperity Warrior. You can even get some of PLR products for free on some websites.

The Prosperity Warrior Review

Besides, is Marc Wilson even real anyway? Unlike most of financial gurus and founders of successful businesses, Marc seems to be not on any social media platforms. No one knows if he is really a retired U.S. army that is tired of doing real estate jobs before and not doing so well in terms of finance until he discovers The Prosperity Warrior. Is it possible for someone to become a seven-figure financial coach while not doing much work as he claims? It might be possible to earn a lot of money but frankly speaking, it is not through his program.

The verdict will be very straightforward here – do not invest at The Prosperity Warrior at all. It is a money game scheme which is a variation of pyramid scheme dressed up as a get rich quick investment program. One may argue that they offer products to sell and not only commissions from referrals. However, the PLR products they include are low quality and not marketable at all. The product inclusion is just a deception tool to make their program look like a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business where you can earn by selling products AND getting commissions from referrals. In Prosperity Warrior case, it is only through the latter and such ways of earning money is unsustainable and downright illegal.

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