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Ecom Proz has Pat Hilton to introduce their Amazon automation thang on YouTube. If you don’t know him, he’s the typa guy who never fails to ask whether we’ve seen him on-stage with this and that guru. And as expected, the first thing he mentions is his appearance on Grant Cardone’s 10X… in a video that’s supposed to be about Ecom Proz! Guess I have to do all the ‘splaining myself. Read on for my Ecom Proz review.

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Here’s what Ecom Proz promises for their potential clients: They’ll build [their clients] an automated Amazon biz in the next 180 days or they don’t pay. Let’s just say that I’m quite skeptical about the “don’t pay” part that I immediately checked the program’s terms… Oh wait, they don’t even have one!

Clicking what’s supposed to take me to their terms and conditions page does nothing. Buttons were mashed and touchscreens were furiously tapped, but still nada… As in the text that says “terms” in their website footer leads me nowhere. Not even the disclaimer and privacy pages are accessible. Say what?

In Stephen A. Smith’s voice, “We’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, lead astray, run amok, and flat out deceived!” Somehow, every single clicky clicky thing in the footer is just plain text. No hyperlinks that lead to pages with terms and conditions, disclaimer, and privacy at all.

How can y’all trust them to hold up the end of their bargain when they can’t simply show their terms and what-nots? And it’s not just they can’t show it BTW, they’re actually trying to trick us into thinking that they have one that we can access. But nah, we can’t. Or maybe, an unfortunate client of theirs can [only access it] when it’s already too late. What if they’re just too lazy to draft something at all?

Whatever the real reason is,  all the possibilities I could think of on why they’re hiding it are bad. Imma say it, I wasn’t sold with what sounds like a money back guarantee from Ecom Proz. Because again, I really don’t see them fulfilling their promise. They show nothing [literally] that’d tell me otherwise.

Anyhow, lemme spill more deets about Ecom Proz besides the terms shenanigans. According to its co-founder Brandon Lee, the program is for anyone who wants to try their luck in e-commerce, but don’t have the time, the energy, and/or the desire to do the work themselves.

“So, instead,” Brandon continues, “you want our team of experts to do this work for you, to do the product research, to do the order fulfillment, to handle the returns.” So, really, just the usual Amazon automation stuff. Become a hands-off investor, make your money work for you, yada yada.

Apparently, Ecom Proz handles 300+ profitable stores for their clients, including multiple seven-figure companies. Also has 300+ employees on payroll that are obsessed with e-commerce… Smells like BS if you ask me. No way a program like Ecom Proz without much social proof has that.

Ecom Proz Review

They can’t even run and maintain their social media accounts properly. Can’t post updates, can’t upload sh*t to say wazzup, yet I’m supposed to believe that they’re responsible for building multiple seven-figure businesses. Nah, f*ck that. Seems like Ecom Proz is just capping to sell their Amazon automation packages that cost $15k and $30k.

Difference between the packages is the profit split [as if there’s any profit]. 50-50 for the $15k package, 70-30 in favor of the client for the $30k. Payment is only through wire transfer and crypto which is another red flag IMO. Why, they’re actively making it difficult to get refunds/chargebacks.

Obviously, I won’t recommend Ecom Proz and their Amazon automation offer. The way they operate is so shady that I believe they don’t deserve any clients at all. Also, I don’t think I’ll recommend any Amazon automation program ever. Amazon FBA is already a tricky business model itself. Too costly and too saturated IMO. Add the complication of letting a stranger manage your store in it without any repercussions if they mess it up [trust me, they will] and issa wrap. Just a big NO for me.

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