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Peter Pru Review (Business In A Box)

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Peter Pru has an offer for you. He, along with his team, basically wants to build an eCommerce business, all for you, from scratch. And they will take care of everything, from picking out your niche and products, creating your website, marketing and launching, and even scaling. With this, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits and earnings of a potentially-profitable eCommerce business, without having to deal with all of the headaches that come with it. And that’s why Peter Pru calls this offer the “Business In A Box”, and he’s offering it through his company, Ecommerce Empire Builders. More on this in my review.

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Peter then elaborates more on this in the video advertisement for Business In A Box, “We’ll be picking out your winning niches, your winning products, we’ll be finding all of your suppliers, we’ll be building out your entire funnel, which is kind of like a website but way way more profitable. And we’re also gonna get you sales within thirty days as well.” And he continues the explanation by pulling out a screenshot from one of the people who bought the offer, a woman named Natalia. According to Peter’s claim, Natalia was able to earn around $14,000 per month by just availing of the Business In A Box and working with Peter and his company.

And she did this during her first 90 days with the program. This is just one of the success stories that Peter Pru presents, and if you want to see more, there are dozens of other screenshots, testimonies, and interviews on the sales page. Business In A Box is a perfect opportunity for people who are working on a tiring 9-5 day job, and wants to get out of the rat race. It’s also a good investment for others who are also into eCommerce, but can’t seem to hit their profit goals no matter what they do. But more importantly, this is for people who wanted to have their own eCommerce online store, but they can’t for plenty of reasons (lack of time, lack of skills, etc.)

In contrast to other done-for-you eCommerce systems that offer to build your business on either Amazon or Shopify, Peter Pru actually suggests that you don’t use those platforms at all. Because the numbers are too difficult to work, especially if you factor in paid ads. Instead, he suggests using a sales funnel website. Drive traffic to a squeeze page, collect email leads, then redirect them to the “Buy Now” page. If they buy, offer them upsells. Even if they don’t buy, you can follow-up with them via email, in the hopes that you can convince them into buying your offers real soon. After their initial purchase, try to get them on a recurring order of some sort. Basically wash, rinse, repeat.

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If you invest in Business In A Box, you get four things. One, the Ecommerce Empire Builders course. Two, live coaching calls you can attend three days per week. Three, on-demand support. Four, your own custom funnel buildout. And all of these on top of the done-for-you eCommerce business provided by this offer. I have to admit. The offer seems a bit attractive, especially for those who want to get into eCommerce.

So is having a done-for-you eCommerce business like Peter Pru’s Business In A box worth investing in? We should take a look at the pros and cons of each first. For the pros, the obvious advantage of this is that you don’t need to do all the work in setting up your online store. This is, for many, one of the biggest reasons why many people are hesitant on getting into eCommerce by themselves, even when they’re well-versed in the business model. Furthermore, Peter Pru and his team are experts in what they do, so you can have some semblance of peace when they’re setting up the eCommerce business for you. All the headache-inducing processes needed for your eCommerce store, they’re the ones going to handle it for you. All you have to do is to collect the earnings, essentially making this offer something that can generate passive income.

Of course, all of this convenience comes at a price. For Peter Pru’s Business In A Box, however, there’s no mention anywhere of how much the Business In A box offer cost. We can easily assume that it’s only going to be revealed when you book a call with the team. But if I were to base this on some of my past reviews about these kinds of businesses, expect this to be very expensive. We’re probably looking at around $10,000 or even more for its price. Not only that, the paid ads that the team will use for marketing your store, it’s all going to be charged to you, thus further inflating the cost. Some of these done-for-you eCommerce stores also use a profit-sharing model. So basically, they’re taking a cut of your earnings everytime. I don’t know if this also applies to Business In A Box, but there’s always a possibility.

So the verdict? Peter Pru’s Business In A Box may sound good on paper, but the high cost of the offer is extremely off-putting. I feel like it’s not worth it if the amount you’re going to spend on this can be higher than the profits. Besides, despite the upward trend of eCommerce today due to many people turning to online shopping for their needs, it still remains a saturated industry due to the influx of new sellers most likely selling the same products under your niche. If you want to dive in, however, feel free. But do know that there’s a better way to make passive income out there. Click below to know about it more.

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