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Publishinglife dot com is the rebranded site of what was once called Mikkelsen Twins. As the previous name implies, it was founded by the twins Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen. The headline plastered on the site claims that they know of a new way to profit with Amazon. Specifically, they’ll teach four easy-to-follow steps that you and your old momma can do to make passive income with Amazon. Scroll below to see what it is.

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FYI, the said steps are behind a free training webinar. A very long one, I should say, that is full of fluff and talking in circles. There’s some bits of info here and there, but this is still a sales pitch to Publishinglife dot com’s premium courses. If you’re also not fond of getting bossed around, then you’re lucky that you’re here reading this instead of watching the webinar. It’s because Christian, the speaker for today’s said webinar, will lowkey instruct you to do the following: Come with an open mind, watch their sh*t on a computer and focus , and stick until the end. Whatever, man.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about their four easy-to-follow steps called Audiobook Income Process. Obviously, it’s mainly about making stress-free and DFY passive income through “Amazon’s goldmine” in Audible. The promise of being stress-free even showed up on the acronym with the names of the steps: CALM process aka Choose, Assemble, List, and Multiply.

For the first step, it’s important to select the right topic. Regardless if you f*cked up in every other aspect of your audiobook, it’ll still sell if you’ve got the topic right. To give an example, Christian mentioned weight loss hypnosis as the hit topic they come up with themselves. How’d you know it’s right? It’s when you can easily rank them to the top of Audible searches, maybe top 7000 or better. As long as you have a Quick View browser extension, stick to non-fiction books (same advice as Sophie Howard), and look in the big ten categories from him, then choosing the right topic is easy as one-two-three.

Next is assembling your “low cost experts” that’ll do the manuscript, narration, and audiobook cover for you. This Assemble step is actually what makes this money-making biz a DFY. Apparently, that is how they built their portfolio – utilizing a sweatshop like employment,  but for writers. 

Quite frankly, I’m not down to any unethical shenanigans, like paying piss poor wages, just for the possibility of making some money. It also doesn’t help that Christian is affiliated with the first site he recommends for your underpaid “experts” that’ll do the manuscript. Even flexing that he’s close friends with the owner of the said site and all… talking about double the trouble. Ugh. Moving on….

Third step would be listing your audiobook for sale on Audible. The only thing that you need to note here is you’ll get a major bag alert once you show up in the search bar. Of course, it’s easier said than done. The gist of getting this right is using the right keywords and plastering ‘em up on your audiobook’s title and subtitle (y’know, just SEO things), and getting favorable reviews. Reviews

The latter is supposedly done by being good, but Christian said otherwise because he knows that your “low-cost experts” won’t likely produce some good sh*t. Instead, he suggested another lowkey shady sh*t in exchanging (likely unwarranted) good reviews with your peers in the Facebook group of their paid program. Is the slimy pattern getting more obvious? I hope so.

Fourth and final step is multiplying your income stream. Sure, Audible is such a goldmine and all, but there’s no downside to posting your audiobooks on other sites as well. In short, it’s much better to post a single audiobook on many sites rather than post multiple audiobooks on a single site. Heck, you can even turn your audiobook into a physical copy that you can sell through Amazon itself.

My thoughts? Aside from the shadiness I mentioned above plus the concerns I shared on a past review about them, I don’t think that you can sell that much, especially not with a likely trash audiobook, to reach their promise of $1.5k up a month income. There’s a reason he’s including the “the results are not typical” disclaimer on literally every single slide of the webinar, it’s because it is indeed NOT typical, too good to be true even. Thus, I don’t recommend Publishinglife dot com or any of its premium courses that cost $999 up.

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