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Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen, known collectively as the Mikkelsen Twins, are twin brothers who have achieved great success selling products on Amazon. While many of us may think that Amazon FBA is the only way to achieve this level of success, the twin brothers have a different idea: By self-publishing various books. Whether they’re physical books, eBooks, or even audiobooks. They also created a website, “Publishinglife.com”, with the aim of teaching others how they can achieve the same level of success as they did. According to them, you can earn a lot of passive income by starting this self-publishing business model, and you don’t even have to be an experienced or outstanding writer to do this. So how do they do it? And will this business model work for you as well? Read this Mikkelsen Twins review to find out more about this.

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“F**k a job.” This is the first statement that most visitors will usually see when they land on their website. And that short phrase is one of the best definitions that the Mikkelsen Twins can give you about their training program. And once again, they claim that the method they teach within PublishingLife.com is “totally revolutionary.” I think they have to emphasize this because, after all, when someone mentions how to make money using Amazon as the core of their training program, most people would automatically think that it has something to do with either dropshipping or Amazon FBA.

Which is true. In fact, when the Mikkelsen Twins first started, these are the methods they discovered when they decided to become online entrepreneurs. To be specific, it was Rasmus first who tried dropshipping and Amazon FBA for this purpose. Upon seeing that his twin brother, Christian, is succeeding splendidly in a different method, that is, self-publishing books on Amazon, he decided to join in it as well. According to them, they can easily earn thousands of dollars a month by just doing this business model. As an example, in January 2017, Christian earned his first $1,000 in his first month. And by December of 2017, he was doing $10,000 every month. A pretty huge jump from the salary that they earned in their previous job of delivering Chinese food.

As this business model relies on selling books, many of you will think that you’re going to need to be a very good writer in order for your books to sell well. But PublishingLife says that you don’t have to be a good one. In fact, you don’t even need to have any experience in writing books or anything to earn money from this program. The idea is that you’re going to hire ghostwriters in order to do all the writing for you. PublishingLife even provides a list of those writers you can hire for this purpose. This also means that you can turn this business model into something that gives you a passive stream of income, so that you’ll have more free time to do the other things that you want.

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The Publishing Life program contains a variety of training materials that aim to teach you all about self-publishing . What you can expect here are the usual inclusions that you can get from an online training program. Like several training videos that have a timeframe of several weeks, access to a private Facebook group, scripts and templates, plus group coaching. Before you can sign up for the course, you’ll first be directed to their “free online training“. Which, as with other training courses, may only feel like a rather long sales pitch to many of you that, in the end, only serves to convince you to enroll in their actual program.

It costs around $1,497 to enroll in the Publishing Life program. There’s also a refund policy in place in case you’re not satisfied with the course. To qualify for it, you must first satisfy the following conditions:

  • You have to complete all the video lessons featured here.
  • You have to attend a total of two 1-on-1 coaching call sessions.
  • Publish 1 book first, whether it’s an ebook or audiobook.

If you’re done all this, and you still haven’t earned a total of $5,000 on audiobook sales within 180 days, then they’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price. It might sound like a great business idea. However, I’d still highly recommend that if you want to write a book and self-publish for you to make money, you must have some experience in writing one. Because even if you’re outsourcing the work, if you don’t have writing experience, you won’t be able to spot the errors that will happen during your writing.

In fact, this is how Christian got himself in trouble. A fatal blunder by Christian in relation to the very poor quality of the books (wrong translations, etc.) he published led him to be banned from publishing on Amazon. Makes you wonder if they really got successful by self-publishing their own books, or by selling this training program.

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