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Taylor Conroy is the man behind PurposeX, a coaching program for people who want to land their first TEDx talks. In a Facebook post, he encourages everyone to push for their own TEDx talk with “it’s time for you to get that message out of your head and heart and into the world where it belongs…on the world’s biggest stage!” And if you ever need help in such, his PurposeX program got you covered. Continue reading below to know more.

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His PurposeX program definitely goes further beyond the TEDx stage. Hence, the reason why he changed its name to Thought-Leader (I’ll still call it PurposeX for uniformity sake). However, landing a talk in the said stage is still the number one priority in the program. It’s also the number one attraction that gets people to sign up for the program’s paid course.

Why so? According to Taylor, a TEDx stage is the “world’s most incredible and authority-building stages.” Getting an opportunity to be a TEDx speaker opens you up to an endless number of opportunities. Get your book on a bestselling list; promote your course if you’re a wannabe guru coach yourself; build your brand with a speaking gig that can easily go viral on the internet; and many many more.

Why choose Taylor to be the coach on your journey to the TEDx stage, then? Well, he’s been there, and done that. Not once, not twice, but four times in a TEDx stage by himself. Obviously, he knows a thing or two about where to start, how to find TEDx speaking gigs, and how to apply to be a TEDx speaker. A lot has also praised him for what he’s doing on the stage. “Taylor was gripping! He held the audience in emotional suspense through the entire talk,” says the executive director of TEDx RoyalRoadsU where he spoke about reinventing rock bottom.

I don’t necessarily agree with the executive director, though. I watch the talk myself and I really don’t find it gripping. I’m moved, albeit very slightly, by how he wears his heart on his sleeve during the emotional speech. But I found his sentiment a mix of a humble brag and being out of touch with society. Those who experienced harsher struggles might find it annoying. Some of them actually did as seen in the YouTube comments.

Who’s them? I’m talking about the average Joes and Janes who never pocketed a million dollars, not even close, like he did. Obviously, they’re also not able to surf and crash the waves like him right after a career disaster. See how tone-deaf he is? I see it myself and I hope you do too. Might be the reason why I’m not close to shedding a tear during the talk. And we’re talking about me, a crybaby b*tch who gets emotional over the smallest of things.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing the way he presents in the TEDx stage or in any big stage. He’s an alright speaker minus the awkward posture, but that specific speech in RoyalRoadsU got across a message that sounds wrong and downright insensitive. Something to be wary about as he’s also going to teach you how to write and develop your talk on the (paid) accelerator course of PurposeX. It could be just one f*ck up among many good ones, but the problem is THAT f*ck up is one of his most recent TEDx speeches. Also, as the saying goes: “One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.”

PurposeX Review

Anyhow, here’s what you’ll get in the accelerator course of PurposeX: Online education module incorporating a TED-style presentation, access to curated groups for collaboration and sharing of ideas, and weekly coaching calls mainly for practicing public speaking. All of that on a PurposeX course that costs $697.

My thoughts about this? If you’re looking at PurposeX to jumpstart your journey to the TEDx stage, then you’ll find some good stuff on the other side of the program. Taylor and his team will actually walk you through the entire process – from the conception of a winning TEDx idea to teaching social media how-tos on making your TEDx speech go viral. 

However, if you’re looking at this as a reliable way to earn money, then you’ve come to the wrong place. You need to worry about your business model first before looking at ways on how to promote one. Besides, TEDx is not as prestigious as you think, anyway. There’s a reason someone like Rohina Mundra got into one, and it’s because the standards of TEDx are much lower than TED talks, the legit platform for world class speeches. Yes, they’re not the same, night and day difference even, and that single “x” distinction does matter.

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