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Taylor Conroy believes that doing a TEDx Talk for yourself will have some great benefits, not just for your own, but for your business as well. Having a good TEDx Talk under your belt will help boost your authority and credibility, allowing you to achieve several benefits. Like reaching out to millions of people, getting millions of social media followers, and you’ll most likely be invited as a credible speaker at big events. Maybe even get several book deals. But what exactly is a TEDx Talk? How can this help you as an entrepreneur? And how can Taylor Conroy’s program help you with it? Let’s find out in this PurposeX review.

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So what exactly is a TEDx Talk? As you may have guessed, a TEDx Talk, is basically public speaking. It’s a showcase for speakers to present their great, well-formed ideas in roughly 18 minutes. As for the ideas presented, they can come in two things. The first one is something that can be new and surprising, an idea or invention that your audience has never heard about. The second one is a basic idea that your audience has maybe already heard, but backed with a compelling new argument behind it that challenges beliefs and perspectives.

TEDx Talks, while short in nature, can be more effective at delivering their message than a full-blown presentation that can last 30 minutes or more. That’s because it only demands the audience’s attention for a short period of time, decreasing the chance of minds wandering or daydreaming about lunch. Which is highly probable considering that most people nowadays have a rather short attention span. In fact, some of the best TEDx Talks around have been as short as 5 minutes long.

TEDx Talks are usually done at in-person live events. But just because live events are now restricted (no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic) doesn’t mean that TEDx Talks aren’t viable anymore. You can do it in an online virtual platform, maybe via a group conference call or so. In fact, it can be much less stressful than live events. Think about it. You can film your talk, show it to friends, get feedback, redo certain parts, and edit it to perfection. A luxury you obviously don’t have live on stage. Besides, your message is meant to reach millions, so using a virtual TEDx Talk can help you reach that.

So what are the qualities that make a good TEDx Talk? First and foremost, make sure to focus on your idea. TEDx is seeking a speaker that has a captivating, distinctive, and engaging concept to present. This is why you need to focus on why your idea is the best, Keep in mind that you cannot give a talk that you have previously delivered. Your TEDx Talk should be your first time presenting an original piece of work in front of an audience. Remember to relax and concentrate on the concept worth promoting.

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Second, be relatable and impact your audience. The influence of your discourse on the audience should be emphasized in your application. Your target audience is your real customer, so make a good impression on them. What distinguishes you from the competition and appeals to their target market? Third, Present yourself in a way that will make people approach you. Putting all of your achievements and accreditations on your application to promote yourself will almost always backfire. Make it apparent that you are open to being mentored. Let them know that you’re honored to be considered, and that you’re ready to assist the audience in any manner they’d like.

Third, submit a good application. Your TEDx application must be prepared professionally. Request a review from TEDx, and double-check that what you have written is precise and straightforward. Having a second pair of expert eyes go through your application is simply one more step in ensuring that everything goes according to plan. Finally, let your feelings show. Emotion is what people want. A strong, motivating, and impactful discourse may elicit emotions. A speaker who speaks monotonously with a stone-cold countenance and shows no emotion will not convey the emotion to an audience hungry for it. Do your best to show the audience that you’re excited about the idea, and for sharing it.

If you want someone to coach you on creating the best TEDx Talk possible for your idea, or if you’re open to the idea of creating one, then Taylor Conroy is the guy that you could be looking for. He’s confident that by following the roadmap that he has laid for his PurposeX training program, you’ll be able to land a TEDx Talk that’s sure to give a great boost to you and your business. There’s no mention of how much the online course cost. The only way to find out is by booking a call with his team. Be prepared to shell out at least several thousand dollars for this, though. I personally liked the concept, though. But I don’t think not everyone is confident in speaking in front of a live audience, especially with several people. But then again, there’s always virtual…

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