Push Amz Review (PushAMZ)

People nowadays will buy most of the stuff that they need online. It’s not really surprising because it takes a lot of effort to drive or commute to a store. You will still need to walk around the store to get what you need. The convenience of just having to search for a product, adding it to your cart and then getting it delivered within just a few hours is what they like about it. And a lot of businesses have since shifted some of their operations towards e-commerce, especially on a website like Amazon. Even then, it’s a struggle to actually earn money from it. And because of that, a lot of companies have popped up that will supposedly help you earn money selling products on Amazon with their help.

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PushAMZ is a company that was started by co-founders Chase Alley, Mac Ismail and Luis Millan. In their corporate bios, the three co-founders seem have a lot of experience working in different sectors. Apparently, Chase and Luis managed to sell the first business togeter. Though, for some reason they mention that Luis was 22 years old when that happened. There isn’t really any concrete information regarding where they previously worked. Or what they specifically did. Luis seems to have studied how the different e-commerce platforms work. And it was through that knowledge that he co-founded this company with Chase and Mac.

What PushAMZ provides is what is called as “Amazon automation.” You invest money towards PushAMZ and they will create and manage a store on Amazon for you. Creating a seller profile on Amazon takes a lot of time and money. If you’re someone who is new to e-commerce and selling on Amazon, you will probably be in over your head a little bit with all of the requirements needed to start a seller profile. And PushAMZ basically handles all of that for you. You only have to pay them an initial investment of around $40,000 and some of the other details required from you. Then you will have your own store in the Amazon website.

You basically don’t have to do much else after PushAMZ creates the seller profile. The money will start going into your profile and you don’t even have to lift a finger. It really seems too good to be true. How in the world will you be able to earn without even having a product to sell? You now have a seller profile. But what exactly are you going to sell?

Well, you can sell anything really. But even the products that you’re selling are being handle by PushAMZ through the use of dropshipping. Dropshipping, for those unaware, is basically a method of selling a product that you don’t have by buying it through a wholesaler or a different retailer. Getting your own supplier for products that you’re going to sell is another thing that’s very cumbersome to do on your own.

When you employ a dropshipping method, the customer buys the item through your store on Amazon. Somebody else will basically buy that item from a wholesaler that has that product and paying them for the wholesale price. That wholesaler will basically be the one to deliver that product to the customer. If a product is sold through a dropshipping method, it will usually have a higher price than the amount you paid the wholesaler for it. Whatever the difference between the price you sold it for and the price you paid the wholesaler, including any fees you need to pay Amazon, that will be your profit.

The main difference between regular dropshipping and the kind of dropshipping that PushAMZ uses is FBA. That stands for Fulfilled by Amazon. What that means is that Amazon handles the packaging and delivery of the item, including any refund or returns that may happen. If an item is fulfilled by Amazon, that item will be coming from Amazon’s fulfillment centers across the U.S. There’s are larger fees that will be paid to Amazon. On their website, PushAMZ boasts hundreds of dollars worth of sales for all of the people who have invested in them. You basically get your income at the end of the month. And PushAMZ invoices you the fees you need to pay them based on your income for that month.

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