Q Sciences Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

There are a lot of companies out there that sell products meant to help you be the healthiest version of yourself. Health and wellness is a priority of a lot of people. We all want to live a life where we feel and look our best. So it’s no surprise that the health and wellness industry is rife with a lot of companies that promote those things but also gives you a way to earn money. Health is a valuable thing. But wealth is also a thing that coincides with that. It’s hard to think about health without thinking about how of a strain it is in our wallet when we get sick.

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The corporate structure for Q Sciences is a bit confusing. Around 2016, the company primarily credited Daren Hogge, a veteran in the network marketing industry, as the founder, president and CEO. He started his career as a CPA for one of the most well-known accounting firms. Through that, he served as a financial consultant to one of the oldest companies in the industry. He slowly moved up the chain, becoming the company’s Director of International Finance and then President up until 2004. He then went on to launch another similar company up until 2012, where he founded Q Sciences.

If you look at the website’s About page now, they mention that former NFL player Marc Wilson is the company’s founder and CEO while Jake Spencer is the company president. I’m not really sure why exactly they scrubbed Daren Hogge from any of the company’s history. It would’ve made sense if they at least referred to Daren in some capacity, if he did have any involvement in the company. But the year they used for the company’s foundation is similar to the one they used for Daren Hogge. So at least they’re consistent about that particular detail.

It’s not much of a surprise that a few network marketing—a slightly more palatable term for multi-level marketing or MLM—companies operate in the health and wellness space. Compared to companies like PGI Global or Hyperfund, where the thing that they’re selling doesn’t exist in a tangible space, Q Sciences at least offers a product that people can try.

The cost to join Q Sciences as an “ambassador” is about $99.99 for the “Business Activation Kit.” Regardless of whatever product you choose, the activation kit will be included on your first time buying on the shop. After choosing the first product in the first tab, you can choose another item that you want to ship automatically every month. Be mindful of that. It takes a few clicks from the actual Q Sciences in order to get to the page that actually sells the products. Why they did that, I’m not really sure. Once you’ve bought your first product from them, you are basically now an IBO or independent business owner. Kind of a fancy sounding title, huh?

In order to get compensated, you have sell a certain number of products within the month. When you sell at least 40 PVs in a month, you qualify for a commission of those sales. In most MLMs, growth is volume. You have to sell a lot before you can earn from it. And in order to earn more, you have to recruit people. The people you recruit can either be affiliates or retail customers. Both of them buy through you. That gets content towards your PV and GV, or group volume. There are about thirteen different levels with different qualifications. There are so many numbers involved.

Getting into MLM—er, network marketing—companies is a challenge. You have put out so much of your own money into these companies before you earn that money back. And that’s not even really guaranteed. According to the AARP Foundation’s research, among the 73% of people who joined MLMs, almost half of that lost their money when they participated in it. So it’s not surprise that 50% of people who join MLMs quit after a year. I can’t imagine that there are people within your own circle who hasn’t been recruited to join a MLM. Or even jeopardized their relationship because of MLMs.

I can’t really recommend Q Sciences, not because their products don’t work, it just that it seems like the structure of it is kind of predatory. I’ve seen a few comments out there saying that the customer service, when they tried to cancel a package that was set to ship automatically every month, weren’t really that helpful. It took them a few tries before they managed to actually cancel the shipment.

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