Q Sciences Compensation Plan Explained

Everyone struggles to cope with their daily lives and I’m not a stranger to that. There comes some time that I just don’t feel like doing anything for the rest of the day. Exhaustion? Fatigue? Anxiety? Some tag these symptoms as a mental illness and having been diagnosed with this is not a laughing matter. Being financially drained can also become a factor in having this kind of illness. Let’s look at what Q Sciences has in the bag and if the opportunities they offer can help us attain financial stability.

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Anthony Stephan was the one who developed the EMPowerPlus product, which he made to help his children get over a trauma when their mother (his wife) committed suicide. He replaced doctor’s prescribed medicines with his unique formulation of vitamins and minerals and claimed that it was the one who treated his children. Words came across all over the world and entrepreneurs Daren Hogge and Marc Wilson partnered with him to bring the product to the American market. Q Sciences (Quintessential Sciences) was born in 2012. 

You might have heard of Marc Wilson or have seen him in magazines and televisions because he truly is that Marc Wilson – the two-time champion of the Super Bowl with the Oakland Raiders. Who would’ve thought that he’s also into this kind of venture, marketing. He is now the company’s CEO after Daren left and Anthony decided to part ways but still be promoting EMPowerPlus products under its new brand, TrueHope.

The company now offers hemp-based products and supplements that deal with nutrition, weight loss, mental wellness, energy and sports, and skin care. They have products to cater kids as well. They claimed that all of their products are backed by science, validated by a number of universities and researchers, and also have been mentioned in journal publications. There’s a lot of quality products to give opportunities to people to start a business and earn money with them.

There have been changes into their compensation plan posted in 2018 and that’s what we will tackle this time around. It costs $79.95 to become an affiliate member in Q Science. Their website also has the “Ambassador” packs that cost from $125 to $435. These packs might as well have assorted products as we assume it to have. It also covers business tools, catalogs and a personalized website that can help you keep track and manage your business.

They offer retail commissions with the base percentage of 15%. Percentage grows as you continue to generate more product sales within a month and it can go up to 25%. Take into consideration that these sales only include preferred customers and those who avail the autoship program, hence your personal purchases are not to be counted in the monthly PV sales. This also comes with a quick start bonus where you get compensated through your newly recruited affiliate’s and preferred customer’s purchases during your first 30 days.

The first established compensation plan only has 13 affiliate ranks but with the new one, they now offer 16 affiliate ranks with new namings. With the new ranks, they now offer one-time rank achievement bonuses for hardworking affiliates that range from $100 up to $250,000. To rank up, there are PV and GV sales requirements that need to be maintained monthly.  If you fail to do so, then what you will get is a derank, sad to say.

Their residual commissions are based on a unilevel compensation structure and is only claimable after your first 30 days with the company. They also provided a commission cap for residual commissions based on the affiliate’s rank starting from $50 up to $350,000 a month for the highest ranking affiliate. So in order to earn more commissions, you must rank up and recruit more affiliates, just like any MLM companies out there do.

Their compensation plan can be on par with some companies dealing with the health and wellness niche but is still not enough to compete with the big sharks in the industry, take Amway as an example. If you plan on joining, take also into consideration the saturated market that you’ll be dealing with once you’re part of it. Creating your small business has more chances to become successful than participating in this kind of setup plus you can allot more time to spend with your loved ones.

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