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QuiAri Review (MLM Or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

The health and wellness industry has had its fair share of network marketing or multi-level marketing companies. Something about this particular industry attracts these kinds of companies. While MLMs have started to make their way to the blockchain, as evidenced by my reviews of Hyperfund and BitLocity, health and wellness is where MLMs still thrive. Crypto-related MLMs are kind of confusing because the product that you’re selling, in a way, is also the thing that you will get paid with. The product isn’t tangible. At least you’re getting an actual product with the usual MLM schemes. And crypto MLMs often crater within a year.

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QuiAri was founded in late 2019 by its CEO Bob Reina. Bob had founded a MLM company called Talk Fusion in 2007. That company sold communication—read: teleconferencing and video chat—packages that sold for as much as $1499. That’s a lot of money just for the ability to do video calls online, when services like Skype had already existed at the time and cost much less that what Talk Fusion was charging. Around 2015, a lawsuit was filed against the company alleging it was a pyramid scheme. The lawsuit was then dropped a few years later. Still, Talk Fusion isn’t really mentioned in Bob Reina’s corporate bio on the QuiAri website.

Surprisingly, QuiAri only has two products that it sells. A protein shake mix and a nutritional supplement. That’s it. Compared to Zallevo which has about 7 products, QuiAri doesn’t really go that far into other health and wellness products. Though I guess the $25 annual membership fee makes sense, at least. Similar to a lot of health and wellness MLMs, you will also need to purchase products—or in QuiAri’s terms, a Starter Pack worth $250 or a Lifestyle Pack worth $500—on top of that membership fee. This is pretty much standard among all of them. In the case of QuiAri though, you have to sign up for an account first before you can actually buy anything from their website. This applies to both the customer and the affiliate member. It’s not really what the other companies are doing. They do provide the prices when you browse the product pages.

The compensation plan for QuiAri is pretty much the same as with all of the other MLM companies. Once you’ve signed up as an affiliate, you can start selling the products you bought to people who you can also recruit. You do get a retail commission if you manage to sell a Kickstart Combo Pack that includes both of the products that’s priced at $125. You get $25 for selling it. That’s basically a fifth of the product’s price. You also earn commissions if your recruits sign up for the affiliate membership along with one of the two products packs. Residual commissions are paid through a binary compensation structure where you have a binary team split left and right. All of the levels are also subsequently split into binary teams. So your affiliates both have two affiliates that they recruited under them. You will get a percentage for the lower level units compared to the percentage from the affiliates you personally recruited.

There’s always a risk whenever you get into a multi-level marketing scheme of any type. A lot of people who join MLMs, around 47%, lose money from participating in those schemes, while 27% don’t even earn money from it. MLMs do rely on a constant revenue stream in order to compensate its affiliate members. But the people who earn money from MLMs just fall around 26%. Yeah, that’s slightly more than a quarter of people.

Joining MLMs also makes a strain in people’s relationships with friends and family. Not everybody who you know is down to be recruited by you. And you can’t really force them to. If you keep forcing them, they’ll harbor a disdain against you. Especially if the product doesn’t work as advertised. And QuiAri just has those two products. If neither of them work like they’d hope, they probably won’t buy more from you. I can’t really recommend MLMs of any kind because it’s really hard to hope for something that’s not really guaranteed. There’s just so much involved in participating in these kinds of schemes.

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