Matt and Liz Raad Reviews

How often do you see an individual shifting from the ones they love doing to something that they really don’t have any idea of? Well, that may be presumptuous of me if they really love or not what they’re doing in the past but that’s how Matt and Liz Raad started in the business industry. From what I’ve read, it all boils down to money. Learn more about them in my review below.

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Matt and Liz Raad are both science-oriented people. They’re studying biology with a specialization in zoology. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s a mile way-off course to being a businessman. The two met on a field, both studying the much loved, big Red Kangaroos of Australia. They would have stayed in the science field, but they realized that there’s less money out of it. That’s why they tried to shoot their shots in building a business.

Being new entrepreneurs and with the time they shifted to it, they have their fair share of mistakes and challenges. During the time that they decided to do business, Australia lost most of its manufacturing base to Asia. In simple terms, labor costs were just higher than normal to compete with. Not just with the problem of manufacturing, they both should also know how to sell and negotiate. They’ve experienced a tough learning curve during those times.

They even went and became business brokers. They are the ones who assist buyers and sellers of privately owned businesses in the buying and selling process. They have met and shared a lot of time with successful and wealthy individuals during that period. They learned to put together multi-million dollar deals. Looking back, they both shared that they’ve learned a lot and they have made decisions that still made an impact on what they’re doing now. 

What they mean is when they’re doing business brokering, they notice that business websites have started to become a significant part of the deal and that these websites had an inherent value that was lost in the overall package. Unlike unsubstantiated claims in business operations, data about website operations was not subject to manipulation. There’s still something scientific in here which is data collection.

The data in a website operation is what gives the website its value. Matt and Liz’s interest in details and patterns was a strength in understanding the analytics on website’s traffic and potential earnings. With the website market being auction based, learning the present and potential value of a site is an extreme advantage together with their honed negotiation skills. And just like in a property, these websites are being tuned and renovated to improve its performance before putting it to auction.

The two are now well known as one of the most successful website flippers. That sounds a little bit weird because the flippers that we all know are from the real estate industry. They are what we call now as digital/website investors. They also have a passion for digital education and training, which helps people take control of their future incomes online. That’s why they established the e-Business Institute.

e-Business Institute offers digital training courses for online income and assets. They have different educational workshops and digital coaching programs that offer practical digital skills for creating income through the trillion-dollar online marketplace. They will teach you how to build profitable websites that generate automatic cash flow, or buy and renovate an existing website and create an online “real estate” portfolio and eventually you can transition into a work-from-home online income business owner. 

The WebDev Accelerator is the course where you will learn how to build a profitable website and it is on special offer that only costs $497. The Digital Investors program is where you’ll learn how to buy and renovate an existing website to increase its value and it costs roughly about $2,700. And the champions program is a 12-month life changing program that is only offered once a year and is only available for those who have completed the first two programs.

Website investing sounds interesting, cool, new and all but it also has its ups and downs. Their courses offer step-by-step easy to understand guidelines and can really generate you money if everything is done right. There are other people that say the website investing industry is full of scam artists. That’s why you should be wary everytime. Profit is almost 50-50 in terms of picking the right and wrong website to invest into, and if that’s the rate, you’d rather take your chances in winning a lotto or something.

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