The Ecom Wolf Lara Rahib’s Reviews

The Ecom Wolf Lara Rahib

Lara Rahib of The Ecom Wolf believes that everyone should never stop learning. That’s how she opens up a recent IG post of her, then she unsurprisingly follows it up with something about mentors. That she’ll never be where she is now without them that facilitate her continuous learning… Yup, says her, an eCommerce mentor herself. Coincidence? I think not. As if reading my mind, she put a disclaimer in the end: She’s not posting this just to advertise her mentorship. Okay, then.

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Lara may have said otherwise, but I still think that the main purpose of that particular IG post is to funnel peeps to her own mentorship. Y’know, just like every other post of hers that are designed exactly that way. You can’t change my mind on that, Lara. What you can do is convince me to recommend Shopify dropshipping instead. 

If your mentorship is good enough, I probably will. It’ll be hard given I dislike dropshipping for its intense competition, low profit margin, little to no control over the supply chain, among other reasons, but we’ll see. Let’s take a look at The Ecom Wolf, shall we?

The sales copy of The Ecom Wolf starts with dismissing any misconceptions you might have with the business model itself. No, you don’t need bootloads of money to get started here. This is dropshipping, not Amazon FBA, you muppet. Also, no, it’s not hard to learn how to do ads and how to choose products that’ll sell. Not easy, but not too hard, get it? And no, this is definitely not too good to be true, she concludes.

Seems perfectly fine until she had to list down reasons why most people fail on dropshipping and contradict herself in the process. If it’s not THAT hard to set up and pick winning products, why do people usually fail with it, then? The math ain’t mathing, or is it?

Oh, I know why, it’s not that hard when you’re NOT alone and learning it all by yourself… You already know where this goes, do ya? Oh yeah, it’s the implication of the thang being the opposite of hard when you got her as your mentor. How convenient. Although, I must admit, gotta respect her tenacity to plug her mentorship everywhere, even in very subtle ways.

Anyways, let’s get back to the program. Aside from ads and product choice, she also cite having a bad mindset, a bad website, and not knowing how to read data properly as more reasons why lots fail in dropshipping. But that’s alright, she and her program is now here to solve your problems on that and more.

Specifically, her program got a core training that discuss the A to Z of dropshipping which are as follows: Shopify store setup, product research, product importing, fulfilling orders, outsourcing, CBO campaigns, and Facebook ads. It might be not so obvious, but a chunk of the said training is all about Facebook ads— how to improve your feedback score to get more with it, and how would you scale it and do retargeting and lookalike audience (LLA) campaigns.

Aside from the core training, you’ll also get the following: thirty-minute one-on-one phone calls weekly (I believe this was everyday for three straight months before), live Q and As weekly, and access to a support group. All of that in The Ecom Wolf for what price? Well, The Ecom Wolf cost a whopping $5,800.

The Ecom Wolf Lara Rahib’s Reviews

NGL, that expensive cost alone is enough to make me not recommend The Ecom Wolf. So, you’re telling me that the cost of a coaching program on dropshipping would be a lot pricier than the recommended capital of starting the actual biz itself? C’mon, let’s be serious.

Although, to be f*cking fair, the cost for the biz itself can easily go out of hand with the ads she’s suggesting. Which brings me to another reason why I won’t recommend her mentorship: her suggestion of Facebook ads. Sure, she gets a thumbs-up for knowing the importance of ads. The only problem is her choice of it where she opt to get Zucced. No need to get stuck with the Zucc when there’s lotta better alternatives. Just saying.

Ultimately, I would not recommend Lara and her program due to their bad reps I saw online. Lot of allegations on Lara not giving a damn about her students, about how shallow the course materials are, and how they immediately blame you, call you lazy and sh*t, when you don’t get results. It’s getting bad out there that Lara had to transfer her support group from Telegram to Discord in an attempt to silence the critics. Let’s not be a part of that mess, um-kay?

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