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The Rainmaker Family, which consists of real-life couple Stephen and Chelsey Diaz, has stood by Amazon FBA as their top recommendation for other families who want to earn a good amount of money without sacrificing their quality time. In fact, Amazon has actually been considered a gold mine of sorts for entrepreneurs because of its huge customer base. Statistics show that there are 6 million products sold on Amazon every day. And The Rainmaker Challenge promises you that you can turn the opportunity over in your favor. Let’s check out this review to see if they’re right.

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What is Amazon FBA, you ask? The business model itself is actually very easy to grasp, and it heavily relies on outsourcing. Basically, you contact a supplier for the merchandise you wish to outsource, then have them sent to an Amazon warehouse. You can keep track of your store inventory easily by using the online portal. When a customer purchases a product you have listed in your online storefront, Amazon fulfills the order by retrieving items from your warehouse inventory and sending them directly to the customer.

This business model gets rid of the need to acquire and rent a warehouse for an exorbitant price because merchandise usually takes up a lot of space. You’ll save money on logistics as well because Amazon will take care of everything.

Amazon FBA can be compared to dropshipping, as both operate on the same concept, and you don’t need to have onhand items in order for you to start selling. In fact, there’s not much difference between the two business models, with the only one being that with Amazon FBA, you get Amazon’s support, while dropshipping can have some extra labor needed to manage.

Stephen and Chelsey say that, once you have set up your own Amazon FBA business, it can act as a good source of passive income stream for you. This is due to Amazon’s incredibly huge userbase right now, as Stephen points out. For example, as of last year, there were a hundred and fifty million Amazon Prime subscribers. This translates to a hundred and fifty million people who not only shop on Amazon, but pay them a recurring fee to do so.

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But with that amount of customers, won’t the Amazon FBA business model be already saturated enough as it is, especially with tons of other people doing the same? Will it be difficult for you to have an advantage over any of them? Stephen and Chelsey claim that it won’t be a problem. They state some figures to prove their claim, but to simply them, the bottomline is that there the number of customers who keep on coming into the Amazon store is huge enough, that there’s still a great chance that you can generate some sales there that let you earn around a hundred dollars or so per day. The Rainmaker community is proof of that, they say.

Basically, their program, The Rainmaker Challenge is online training meant to give you the basics on how you can run an Amazon FBA business, from its startup to its scaling. The course lasts a total of seven days, but it’s nevertheless self-paced. This means that you are pressured to finish it in one way, you can take longer than that if you must. It is just designed in a way so that you can learn about Amazon FBA at your own pace, with related topics grouped together. There are also some bonus modules included in the program, though some of them are rather vague at first glance (Is it even possible for you to get your Amazon product stocks for free?)

The program is valued at $650+, but when I went to the website to check, they are giving me a deal of $37 for the whole thing. Well, that is quite cheap, considering that you will be getting access to the program and the bonuses. However, I doubt that $37 is all you will be paying once you give them your credit card details. What I noticed with these “cheap” courses is that they usually have a lot of upsells. Other than that, they make you believe that what you pay will give you lifetime access. I think that’s the case with this one. so you can expect plenty of upsells once you’re in, which can go upwards of several thousand dollars.

After reviewing my fair share of Amazon FBA courses and programs, I could confidently say that this one is no different from those. This is another program that claims that it can provide you with the right formula for success. But there’s really nothing new here, in the end. But if you liked the business idea, feel free to do so. However, would you rather prefer if you build an online business that doesn’t rely on you having to sell crappy products with very low quality?

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