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Despite writing about a few baseball players here and there, I still haven’t found any interest in the sport. That’s not to say that the other athletes that I have written about have lead me to being interested in their respective sports. Far from it. I’m still not really excited about any kind of sport. But I appreciate the level of skill in takes to become a professional at it. You really have to spend years of training and playing the game in order to understand. And I have only managed to write about former and current athletes for a few months. I guess I still have a long way to go before I gain some interest in sports.

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I mean, I’m sort of vaguely aware of how the sport works. But even then, it’s not really enough to sustain some semblance of interest in it. Like any kind of team sport, you have two teams battling against each other on the field. Similar to other sports, you have to get the ball rolling or, in the case of baseball, flying in order for the game to start. The goal of the game is to prevent the pitcher from getting a homerun, that is a complete run from home base and back. The higher the score, the better it is. I guess? I feel like I got some details of the game right.

One of the struggles I face when I write about athletes is how much I can write about. Depending on the popularity of a certain player, either within the baseball fandom or the town they came from, there’s some amount of information that you can work with. Some players have slightly detailed biographies that you could weave a story from. While others, it will take you a bit of digging to at least paint a picture of their life. It’s not always easy, because there have been so many players that have been part of America’s pastime.

Another struggle, which is technically within the struggle I mentioned earlier, is that there are instances where a player shares the name of another person. Sometimes it’s within the same sport. But more often than not, it’s in another sport or another industry. It’s not just with athletes, though. It also applies to other personalities in other industries. I’ve had instances where there were two Amys Lawrence who worked in sports journalism. Or that one time where there were jazz musicians named Lonnie Smith. It’s happened enough that I make a point to talk about it when it’s warranted.

In the case of former professional baseball player Randy Williams, there are a lot of other Randy Williams that popped up when I searched for his name. You have got to admit that his name is really common. There aren’t really any notable people named Randy Williams that I could managed to find. Well, there is one who is a master of the kung fu style Wing Chun. I really don’t know enough about martial arts to have any opinion on it.

There isn’t really any information that I could about Randy Williams the baseball player. It doesn’t seem that any of the local newspapers where he lives have talked to him about his career recently. Even details about his life growing up, with regards to baseball, aren’t really available. It’s sort of safe to assume that he was part of the baseball team at his school. That’s pretty much how most baseball players start off their careers.

His career in baseball started when he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 1997. Getting drafted to a baseball franchise doesn’t really guarantee that you’ll be in the lineup during the regular seasons. Similar to other players drafted by the main teams in the MLB, they often spend the early parts of their career in the training farm. He was released by the Cubs in 2001 and spent the next year playing in an independent league.

He got drafted by the Seattle Mariners in 2002 but made his professional debut in the 2004 season. He appeared in six games during the regular season and off-season during the year before he got traded to the San Diego Padres. He was claimed by the Colorado Rockies after playing just two games with the Padres. But became a free agent after that season. He signed with a bunch of teams in the years prior to him signing with the Chicago White Sox.

He seems to have preferred being a free agent after working with the White Sox. In 2011, he signed with the Boston Red Sox. After that, he went on to become part of equivalent of MLB in Japan. After that, it seems that Randy retired from professional baseball. At that point, he had earned a net worth of $2,500,000.

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