Reviewing Raphael Vargas’s Net Worth

There are a lot of young people who have been earning a lot of money through real estate and trading. It’s amazing that there are people in their early 20’s earning millions of dollars just by selling properties. A lot of them also post photos of them flaunting their newfound wealth on social media platforms like Instagram. Of course, a lot of people will become interested in how they managed to earn so much money. People want to emulate other people’s successes. And with that, another way to earn money opens up to them.

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For some reason, a press release about Raphael Vargas made its way onto Yahoo Finance. In it, it basically tells the story of his life. But before we get to that, I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that somebody put out a press release about him. And it somehow showed up on a few websites. He must’ve really had a ton of money at this point to be able to do that.

There are was another write-up about that sort of fills in a bit more detail into the story of his life. So what I’m about to include are based on the two write-ups that I have seen. I’m not really sure if some of the details add up. But that’s what we’re working with.

There isn’t really much about his early childhood in any of the write-ups. It starts with Raphael working a bunch of jobs from age 11 to age 17. He worked at a car wash, did some landscaping work and even helped out at a restaurant. Somehow all that stuff he did in his early teenage years didn’t really lend well to his later years when he got kicked out of high school because of drug charges. He had to go an alternative school which mainly consisted of eight students who were gang members and drug dealers.

The story of his life up to this point seems insane. When he was 18, he almost got killed. He was attending a party that police somehow busted. As he left, he was being surrounded by a bunch of gang member ready to beat the living heck out of him. He managed to escape through a window that lead to the basement. He managed to make it to the hospital where he spent a few days in. Apparently he has a tattoo of that window on his body.

Eventually, Raphael had to act as the breadwinner for his mother and brother. During a day at work, a stranger told him about his success flipping houses. That stranger offered to teach him about everything that he knows in exchange for $3,000. Unsurprisingly his mother was against him giving that kind of money. $3,000 is a lot of money especially when you don’t have much.

Unfortunately, the person ran off with the money which left Raphael with nothing. Still, he pushed through with it. Like a lot of people, he went to YouTube to learn about real estate. It seems like a lot of people use YouTube as their first exposure to topics like this. I guess it’s just easier to learn through a video just reading.

It was through wholesaling that Raphael earned a lot of money from. In case you didn’t know, real estate wholesaling is basically where the wholesaler goes into a contract with the actual seller of the property. The wholesaler basically has the rights to sell the property in place of the actual seller. Any profits made from the property they get to keep. The contract will be transferred to the buyer once it sells. If a wholesaler sells the property for more than what was listed in the contract, that’s how much they earn.

Apparently, Raphael and his business partner have managed to sell more than 400 properties. It’s no wonder that Raphael has managed to have an estimated net worth of $3,000,000. Aside from that, he also started an online platform called Real Rise Academy. The platform will teach you all the ins and outs of foreign exchange trading. The video that’s on the website makes it seem like Raphael is the only person who out that foreign exchange trading is a thing. The weird thing about this platform is that you need to input the name of the distributor so that you can actually join. It honestly feels more like a multi-level marketing scheme than an actual learning platform.

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